Clique And The SUMMA Group of Oppenheimer & Co. Inc Forms A Promising Partnership

Today’s businesses should be agile, adaptable and able to operate regardless of location or platform. Multi-channel communication is the key to maximum productivity, but how can it work? Two way communication between employees, their vendors and customers becomes a vital component that must be filled in.

The Clique API offers CPaaS-based services and introduces a virtual meeting space for businesses. Communications Platform as a Service by Clique allows real-time communication within a secured, safe application. The integration of the Clique API means seamless communication integration that works on any platform. Once the virtual meeting is set, any authorized employee or third party can join in without needing any other application. This setup allows a smooth, seamless and focused approach for those who need it.

Clique is a renowned CPaaS provider and pioneer. The company has recently announced a partnership with the SUMMA Group of Oppenheimer Inc., working a contract in the subscription labs medium.

SUMMA Group Oppenheimer and Co. Investments Executive Director has mentioned that the company is very excited to be working with Clique Labs for the digital communication medium. The director states that Clique is the right group to work with as they’re one of the leading CPaaS providers in the financial services industry.

CEO and Founder of Clique Andy Powers has stated that Oppenheimer and Co. Inc is one of the best innovative partners for the Clique API as it’s a premier investment and wealth management firm. Moreover, the SUMMA group, based in Los Angeles have proven themselves open to working with the flexible CliqueAPI and the benefits it can bring. Using the CALL technology and contact card digitizing, SUMMA can now complete conference and team calls in a smooth, unobtrusive manner, including technical aspects such as sentiment analysis, translation and transcription.

Moreover, the Clique founder mentions that the subscription service allows for API customers to access and use services and tools within the CPaaS offering. With CALL and CARD technology, multi-party calling is now possible and won’t require heavy setup and processing.

Clique API’s Powerful Voice Technology

Clique’s calling card is mainly easy, intuitive APIs and SDKs for companies who need voice technology in their everyday operations. Businesses can now communicate in a more secure and safe platform across end points and on various mediums, including messaging, video and voice.

Instant Conferencing

Slack and Salesforce users will be able to initiate calls quickly and without exiting the main screen. HD conferencing is also unlocked via web browsers. For example, you’ll be able to set up a conference within the Chrome browser. Anyone can join in with little to no trouble and without having to dial or click a link.

HD Quality Communication

Clique’s powerful API bring crystal clear communication quality anytime, anywhere. You get reliable voice functions even in constrained internet environments, even on up to 100 participants in an online conference.

Custom Implementations

Clique’s SDK and API are supported by the firm’s CDOs and CIOs for custom implementation per business requirements.

The team works to ensure a customized fit for the company’s applications and can even assist with the feature and development process.


Clique’s unique CPaaS makes messaging, global voice and screen sharing possible regardless of infrastructure, environment, device and operating system. Users can connect on various platforms such as ArmorText, WhatsApp and Slack and also integrations, including Atlassian JIRA, Salesforce, Office 365, G-Suite and others.

Reliable Support

Clique’s hands-on support means that all businesses get what they need to hit the ground running in terms of multi-channel communication. The staff understands that voice communication is a bit more complex and thus work closely with clients to ensure seamless integration.

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