Social Media

Social Media has become an increasingly integral part of everyday life. This is the one place where distance is irrelevant and you can follow all of your individual interests. Social Media is where families stay in touch, where friends keep up with each other, where jobs are found (and sometimes lost), where you can see the day to day life of your favorite Hollywood star. It is also the place where businesses can connect with their consumers. A large part of any business’ marketing venture revolves around SEO and a very big part of SEO is social media. The biggest problem professionals face with using social media is crafting amazing content and posts to use for their SEO campaign. The good news is that there are few very basic tips that you can follow to ensure having a fantastic social media post for your SEO campaign every time. These tips are exactly what you will find here. You will learn all of the basic tips as well as a few more in-depth ones.

The first thing to consider is your overall social media presence. What this means is that you need to take a look at how many platforms you have a page on and how active you are on each page. It is vital that you have a business page set up on all of the major platforms and that you are very active on each one. The most important platforms to have an account on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and Snapchat. If you do not have a page on at least three of these platforms, your first step is to add in platforms until you have at least three of the major five covered. Be entirely sure that each   has as much information as possible. Contact information, product or service information, and all other relevant information. Also, photos of products, building, employees even are a wonderful tool for engagement.

After ensuring that you have a great presence on all of your social media platforms it is time to begin working on creating the actual SEO posts. There are several types of posts that are acceptable to use and each one has a specific purpose. The first type that we are going to discuss is the linked post. This is when you post a link from a website to a relevant piece of content. This will preferably be a link from your business website or blog. This link will be the primary aspect of the post, but it cannot stand alone. People will scroll past posts that consist of nothing but a link in a heartbeat, therefore the goal is to make every post worth someone’s time. You have to make people want to look at and read your post. This is why captions, hashtags, and other tools are utilized in addition to the link. For this type of post, write a caption that is between two and five sentences that briefly describes what the link is and why it is important. Remember to go beyond simple, cold facts and engage with your readers in a more personal way. Relate the content you are linking to something relevant, but also relatable to the average person. Be sure to include at least one keyword from the original content in the caption. After the caption, use two or more hashtags. Good examples of hashtags include the title of the article, the name of the business, a keyword from the article, the name of the author (only when relevant), and the subject of the article. You should base the number of hashtags you use on the platform that you are posting on.Instagram is the place to add as many hashtags as you feel is necessary to get your point across and to draw in views. Twitter is another great place to use extra hashtags, though generally, not as many as Instagram. YouTube should have several tags to generate views and make your videos rank on more search lists. Facebook generally does not need or want an overwhelming amount of hashtags, keep it to three or four. Snapchat can only handle one, maybe two. If you are using a tool to post to multiple sites at once, keep hashtag use in the middle of the two extremes. Five is a great number when it comes to hashtags.

Now, let’s talk about the next type of post, the photo post. While the focus should be an image, the same basic rules apply as for the linked post. An image alone is not enough to catch people’s attention. A three or four sentence caption along with a handful of emojis will generally suffice, though hashtags can work here as well. People are looking for something that makes them look twice if you are using an image as the focal point of your post it needs to go beyond the basic. This image can be a photo, a meme, a GIF, or an illustration. If you are using an actual photo it needs to have one of two purposes. It either needs to be informational, product, location, building, employee, sale sign, etc. or it needs to be humorous.

This means that it can show things that may give your followers a chuckle, something like a package fails, a fun project, a sign fail, etc. If you are going to use a meme, there are a few rules that should be adhered to. First, always check and double check the meme for spelling and grammar errors. It will not look good on your company if you post anything with misspelled words or improper grammar. Second, it should not contain any foul language, no curse words or any offensive terms. Finally, make sure that it is in some way related to your page. This can be through the industry, the business name, a specific product, a line of products, the location of the business, anything of this nature. The same rules apply for posting GIFs. Illustrations should be relevant to the page as well as bold and eye-catching.

The final tip for posting great social media posts for SEO is to always make sure there are no errors in the post. Errors can potentially come in several forms. The most obvious is spelling errors and grammar problems. These mistakes are easy for followers to catch and when they do, rest assured that they will point out the mistake in the comments section. Not only will many of them point it out, they will throw a great deal of criticism into the comment as well. This is bad for two main reasons. It looks bad overall to have mistakes in the content and a great deal of fighting in the comments (even when it is among a few followers) can cause people to unfollow your page. The other type of error the facts presented in the post. Any time you are posting any type of fact, be sure to have confirmation from multiple reliable sources before posting

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