E-Reader or Tablet

When shopping around for good eReaders and looking for eReader reviews, you’ll invariably come to this question- should I get an eReader or just go with a tablet instead?

An e-reader is generally cheaper as compared to a tablet. Plus, they do shine where it matters most, which is the reading experience. They are lighter and have better screen technology for emulating a real book. Top-end ereader products have e-ink screens that make it like you’re turning the page of your favorite novel. Moreover, they can be read even under the sun, which gives them the edge over a tablet’s back-lit, glossy screen.

While limited, an e-reader won’t distract you from doing other things. A single device can hold thousands of digital paperback either via the built-in storage or an sd card. Last but not the least, e-readers can last days, even weeks on a single charge because they use so little power.

An e-reader is perfect for:

  1. Avid Readers

If you have a burning desire to go read paperbacks and novels but don’t have enough space in your home, then it makes total sense to get a capable e-reader device. You can carry much more books on a single, paper-thin device rather than get several hardback covers at a time. When stuck in commute or while waiting for the bus, whip it out and start reading!

  1. All Learners

The features of an ereader can help you comprehend the book you’re reading at a deeper level. There’s a built-in dictionary and a lookup for verbs, adverbs and synonyms if you want to, among many other reading tools. Kindle has the x-ray feature that lays out the places, people and things, and a short biography of how they were referenced in the book.

  1. The Environmentally Conscious

Physical books require paper, which then requires trees to be cut down. You can save up on paper by investing in a good ereader that lasts a long, long time. Moreover, you’ll be doing mother earth the favor of saving on fuel, paper and other costs associated with book printing and shipping.