Earn money by playing video games
Earn money by playing video games

Suppose you’re a youngster, and you are addicted gamer. What’s the biggest question your family always thinks about? Earning and making a career. Because it is only a waste of time to sit in front of a screen with a console or keyboard.

But wait, it’s no more a waste of time now. You can actually earn money by playing video games. Gaming is now a fruitful hobby. But it’s not as simple. But every gamer lovers difficulty. Actually, it is also not that difficult.

As I promised in my last article that I’d explain some methods of earning through video games. So here they are. I can share many methods just by searching Google and sharing them here. But I didn’t test any of them.

So here is a list of methods that are really working and tested. And if you are someone who is addicted to video games not only the addict but also a good gamer. You can choose any of these methods to earn money from your passion.

Earn money by playing Video Games

I am describing it in 4 steps. If you can get through it step by step, you can choose Gaming as a career. But you can also choose any of the 4 ways to earn from video games.

Gaming live streams:

Live streaming
Live stream

The first and most used method is doing live streams. Here you don’t need to do much. You just need a platform where you can stream your gameplay. The 2 most popular live streaming platforms are YouTube and Twitch. Especially if we say YouTube, it is no doubt the best platform to stream your game. YouTube now has a complete platform for gamers known as YouTube Gaming.

Here all you need to do is create a Gaming channel and start streaming. It will take some time to get viewers and followers. But once you’re on, you can earn a good ransom by monetizing your videos. Twitch is also a very popular platform where you can try streams. If you’ve free time you can try both. It is a good source for you if you are just a beginner.

Reviews, Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

As I told you about a gaming channel, you can also expand your content. If you are good at gaming and know some tricks, strategies etc of passing a mission in a game. You can also make videos sharing tricks and strategies of different games. People often watch videos to see how a difficult level is passed in a certain game. Not only this but also you can review newly launched games.

Share your experience and give tips to your viewers. You can earn a good revenue from such gaming channel. It can be more useful for you if you’ve good skills in games. You can also do it on the same channel with live streams. You can also make a blog and share reviews, and other stuff there.

E-Sports tournaments/competitions

E sports

Now we are getting towards the professional level. Every sport we play physically has competitions and tournaments. But do you know there are tournaments for video games also? This is called E-sports, where tournaments of different games are held.

Professional gamers who have really good skills can take part in these competitions and win prizes. So if you are professional at playing games and you’ve got some guts. You can also try doing this. If you want Gaming as a career, then you can try this along with above-listed options.

Beta Testing of new Games

And now this one is the most difficult way to earn money from gaming. Beta testing means testing a software or in our case any game to check bugs and experience etc before the game launches for the public.

To become a beta tester you need to join the beta program of that company who developed the game. You can also become a freelancer. But the best way is to first try the above methods. And once you’ve got fame in any or all of the above things. The companies will consider you for beta testing their games.