Retailers and other businesses know that inventory control is one of the few things that should be managed 100%. Simply put, if you’re not tracking your expenses and costs, then you’re losing significant money. The EMERGE App is a web-based order management system that empowers your business with flexible inventory management modules with plenty of workflow solutions.

With Emerge, you can quickly outmaneuver the competition in terms of productivity and operational efficiency. The EMERGE App boasts a number of inventory management features in an intuitive platform that makes it easy to work with.

User-friendly Interface

Employees will only need little time to start using the app and gain mastery over it. A clean, functional and stylish layout greets the user upon opening.

The Dashboard. Displays a number of essential metrics.

The Sales Category. Users can view all sales orders and can provide price quotes on the go.

Products Section. Displays all available products and other details, i.e., services, raw materials, etc.

The Fulfillment Area. Shows users shipment and purchases and whether dropshipped or traditional.

Exchanges and Returns. All included in the inventory movement report.

Full Control Over Your Inventory

With the EMERGE App you’ll know the current inventory inside and out for a better oversight overall. Items such as on-hand products and available products to sell will be listed here. The Multi-Channel Inventory feature means all your inventory spread across multiple sales channels such as Amazon, Woocommerce, Shopify, eBay and the like are gathered in one convenient location.

Simplified Processes

Complex orders between suppliers and customers can come in at any time. As a cloud-based software, the EMERGE App helps businesses constantly check up on inventory and quickly attend to actionable data. You’ll be able to see important metrics such as trending products and make corresponding adjustments in order to maximize the gains. The Multi-Currency support lets you add and switch between currencies with minimal fuss.

Robust Collaboration

Employees will find that Emerge does more than just manage inventory- the app is a wonderful collaborative tool that allows them to store and share files with each other. Furthermore, the app can easily be integrated with your existing accounting software in use, i.e., Quickbooks Online, Xero and others to import sales data in a snap.

Keep complete tabs over your office inventory and expenses with the best inventory management software today!

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