Emerging Industrial Technologies That Can Help Improve Sales Conversions

The future of industrial technologies is undoubtedly exciting. We can see massive growth in the market plans that boost sales conversion. Technology has taken a notable share in revising these sales means. The new industrial technologies are shown to restore the ties with prospects, promote responsiveness, and finally heave the paths to nurse as well as convert leads.

Here are a few rising trends that can enhance the bond with future clients and give you some magical result.

Let’s get started.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

A study by the Aberdeen Group showed that lead generation is the prime reason for firms using AI tools, with 61% of users citing AI as their goal. Firms use these tools in every stage of the lead conversion process, be it first synergy or deal closure. Chatbots is one such AI sales app that answers the FAQ and gathers the demographic data of leads, including their name, email ID, and phone number.

Besides, analytical software powered by Artificial Intelligence, which holds the ability to change digital marketing, can pinpoint the group of leads that are likely to convert in the future. You can use this info to form a customized sales tact for the patrons.

  1. Cloud Computing

Cloud technologies are vital to the sales reps when the data is present on the cloud server. It grants interoperability, versatility, and collaboration among the team despite their place. It favors the sellers to use their time and forces on sealing the deals.

Most of the firms use the cloud-computing scheme, as it is highly cost-effective and scalable with less risk. LogicMonitor’s survey reveals that 41% of enterprise workloads will run on public cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and others by 2020.

Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cloud, and others by 2020

Cloud computing is cheaper and flexible than other installed software program. So invest in this new trend to stay ahead in the market race.

  1. Automation

Sales automation tools save you from wasting time on random tasks, letting you focus only on lead conversion process efficiently. For instance, cut down the time spent on email creation by trying highly responsive industry executives list, and using a pre-built template and tools to personalize the message.

Apart from this, you can blend voicemail automation tools into your sales tact to send automated voicemails to the people. There are also special sales automation tools that let you optimize the sales flows by sorting as well as tracing the leads as soon as they get into the pipe.

  1. Predictive Analytics

Predictive analysis aids the firms in projecting their sales and profits based on variable input. That is, it reads the patterns from the past transactional data via a sales funnel to know future risks and turns. Predictive analytics use many methods such as modeling, machine learning, data mining, big data, and AI to provide you with such steady estimates for the future.

  1. Voice Search

Patrons prefer voice search on mobile devices over typing the queries in search engines. About 1/3 of experts say 2019 will be the year of voice, much more than the former year.


Also, the studies have proven that half of the online quests will happen through voice search by 2020. Therefore, you have to optimize your site for voice search along with SEO, to be ahead of the race and grow your brand value long-term.

All of these emerging industrial trends help firms to frame a solid sales plan to convert leads into loyal users. So, adopt them as early as possible and solve your client’s problems at ease.

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