mark zuckerberg
mark zuckerberg

We’ve previously discussed the Facebook data sharing scandal. A report in New York times revealed that Facebook is sharing users’ data with other companies. Some of the well known mobile phone manufacturing companies are listed in that report.

Congress asked Facebook to submit a detailed report regarding this issue. Recently Facebook sends its response of about 700 pages. In this report, Facebook admits that it shared users’ data with 52 companies. These companies include Hardware and software companies. Most of them were not disclosed previously.

In the last report, some big tech firms like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon were disclosed. But the new list has come with new fellow companies who have the agreement with Facebook in Data sharing.

The new list contains several Chinese companies like Huawei. In the previous report, only some of the large mobile making companies were listed. But current 700 pages response discloses that Facebook data integration agreement also includes mobile carriers like AT&T and chip designers like Qualcomm.

These names remained undisclosed in past. Facebook still responded with the same reason they stated when the data integration agreement was revealed.

Facebook says: “We engaged companies to build integrations for a variety of devices, operating systems and other products where we and our partners wanted to offer people a way to receive Facebook or Facebook experiences. These integrations were built by our partners, for our users, but approved by Facebook,”.


Facebook also writes about the working differences among the companies and the individual groups using developers platform. It was to ensure the jury that there is a difference in data leak scandal of Cambridge Analytica and data integration deal with these companies.

The company says it is working closely with these large companies to ensure that Facebook platform works fine on their devices. The company writes: “Our developer platform, on the other hand, is designed to enable developers to use information provided by Facebook users to build their own unique experiences under the terms and policies they provide to their users”.

List of partnerships with Facebook for Data integration:

1. Accedo

2. Acer

3. Airtel

4. Alcatel / TCL

5. Alibaba

6. Amazon

7. Apple

8. AT&T

9. Blackberry

10. Dell

11. DNP

12. Docomo

13. Garmin

14. Gemalto

15. HP / Palm

16. HTC

17. Huawei

18. INQ

19. Kodak

20. LG

21. MediaTek / Mstar

22. Microsoft

23. Miyowa / Hape Esia

24. Motorola / Lenovo

25. Mozilla

26. Myriad

27. Nexian

28. Nokia

29. Nuance

30. O2

31. Opentech ENG

32. Opera Software

33. OPPO

34. Orange

35. Pantech

36. PocketNet

37. Qualcomm

38. Samsung

39. Sony

40. Sprint

41. T-Mobile

42. TIM

43. Tobii

44. U2topia

45. Verisign

46. Verizon

47. Virgin Mobile

48. Vodafone

49. Warner Bros

50. Western Digital

51. Yahoo

52. Zing Mobile

It was also mentioned in the report that the partnership deal of data integration is already ended with 38 out of 52 companies. The agreement with 7 more companies will be discontinued at the end of this month. And the agreement with other companies will extend till end of October. However, it wasn’t mentioned when Facebook ended the agreement with those 38 companies.

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