Facebook is working hard day by day to provide its users with a secure and clean environment on the platform. To make that sure, Facebook continuously keep testing new security features from time to time. Recently, Facebook is testing a new security feature in Facebook messenger.

With this feature, a Facebook user will know the location i.e country of the person who has messaged him on messenger. This feature is being tested to prevent scamming and cyberbullying on Facebook. The user will know about the location of a person who DM him through the contact number he has provided.

This feature was firstly discovered by The Motherboard. Later on, Facebook also confirmed that they are working on such a feature. Facebook spokesperson Dalya Browne said that its a “small test”. “We are testing a way to provide people with more context on folks they may not have connected with previously,” Dalya Browne from Facebook’s Messenger team said.

Erin Gallagher, a multimedia artist firstly noticed this feature and sent the screenshot to news forums. He sends a screenshot which had a warning about an account that DM him. The warning said, ” the person sending a direct message logged into Messenger using a phone number from Russia, the account was recently created.” And that the unsolicited user is different from a Facebook friend with the same name.

Facebook new feature
Facebook new feature
The benefit of this new feature:

Facebook is facing many complaints about scamming on its platform. There was no easy way to know about the scammers. But this feature may help users to identify who’s real and who’s suspicious.

For instance, if one receives a message from an account that looks exactly like a friends account. It will be easy for the person who created the account to trick the user. This can tend to a serious scam. Another possibility is the scammer can also do social engineering attacks to compromise the account of the user.

But with this feature, the Facebook users will know from where the account has been logged in last time. Not only this they can find out the location through the number. Not only this but also know whether this suspicious account is using the same name as any of your friends has.

It is not yet final that Facebook will launch this feature in next update. According to Facebook, this is just a small test. Well, let’s wait for the results.

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