Mark zukerberg
Mark Zukerberg

Online dating is now a very common way to find a partner. According to an analysis in America, 40% of men use online dating services. Almost the same goes for other countries of the world.

Increasing popularity of online dating attracted many companies to start online dating services. Here the most honorable mention will be no doubt Tinder. But now Facebook also jumps into the match.

The social media giant, Facebook is introducing a dating app for its users. The Facebook dating app is available for users in some parts of US. But the feature is not made public yet. If the test version of this exciting feature gets a good response. Maybe your future partner will find you on Facebook.

Facebook Dating App:

Facebook announced to launch a dating app to compete with Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. And now the social media giant proves its promise. Facebook’s new feature known as Facebook Dating has been released for the test. The feature is available for a selected group of users for test purposes. And soon will be publically announced and added to the Facebook app.

Facebook dating app
Facebook dating app

The app is different from its rival apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. It will be completely different from these apps. You can message up to 100 different people per day, and you can only communicate using text or emoji. Yes, that means no nudity. When you receive a response, a private chatroom (not Facebook Messenger) will open up, and it’s time to work your magic.

None of your existing Facebook friends will appear as potential dates, nor will anybody you’ve blocked. Instead, you’ll be presented with a mix of friends of friends and complete strangers. You can search for dates within 100km of your current location, and Facebook will also consider factors like mutual friends, events, groups, and page likes when serving up suggestions.

Nathan Sharp, a product manager at Facebook says “We’re trying to connect people that are open to getting to know each other in the future. It’s all about opting-in and making sure that people are really intentional.”

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