There are a number of benefits which are offered by GbWhatsApp as compared to the WhatsApp which they are using. Few of those benefits are discussed over here which can help you to have a brief glance about the same.

  1. Providing you with the best-customized version of WhatsApp.
  2. Ability to disable internet only for the WhatsApp when we are doing other functions.
  3. A user can revoke the multiple messages which are received on WhatsApp.
  4. One can also schedule the message which is to be sent.
  5. Hiding the status that you are online.
  6. Increasing the limit of sending videos. They increased it to 50 MB.
  7. WhatsApp groups can have their names of 35 characters.
  8. Ability to use with original WhatsApp too.
  9. Information on writing and recording while sending a text or audio messages can be hidden.
  10. One can also block the calls which are received from the specific contacts you have.
  11. It is also possible to send 90 images simultaneously now in a single click.
  12. Translations are also possible on the fly on GbWhatsApp.
  13. Themes are available as per requirement of the user.
  14. One can even copy the status which is kept by others with the help of clipboard provided.
  15. Blue ticks and second ticks which are available can be hidden with the feature available in GbWhatsApp.
  16. Broadcast groups will now support about 600 participants while using the GbWhatsApp.
  17. A number of characters in status are now possible up to 255 characters.
  18. Capable of supporting around 100 different languages.

These are some of the basic features which GbWhatsApp is providing to its users. Even there are many other options available which one can use based on their requirement. The kind of features which it provides will help you to get the best user experience and benefits which conventional WhatsApp is not capable of providing the users.

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