Fête iOS app review

Fête is a collaborative invites and event management app for iOS. Aiming to make the process of inviting friends or colleagues to an event more streamlined (and successful), Fête is a full-featured tool for managing social outings.


With Fête, you can gauge your friends interest in attending an event or activity before going ahead and confirming/booking it. Your friends can also suggest places to go, things to do or dates that work for them. And the best part – they don’t need to have the app in order to respond.

Only the event organiser needs to have Fête installed on their iPhone, your invited guests will receive SMS messages with the details and can interact via text without ever needing to login.


You can send out Invitation cards which feature a number of options – with guests able to vote on day of the week or the choice of bar/restaurant or other venue. Once all the votes have been made, the event organiser is able to confirm the date and venue and notify all the attending guests.

When starting out, you can choose to Pick a place & date if you know the where/when already or Poll for place & date amongst guests to receive votes. If you choose to Poll, you can then suggest options for Where and suggest options for When. Then all you need to do is add you friends and get their votes!

A great app for managing events, Fête for iOS takes the hassle out of trying to organise social outings amongst friends.

Fête requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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