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Being a blogger and a vlogger are two different notions. If blogging is about making photo and text posts in general, vlogging is about making all kinds of videos. The equipment required also differs a little bit. So, if you’ve decided to become a vlogger or start doing vlog videos instead of photos, text, or something else, you need to know how to do it right.

Is it expensive? Actually, no. In 2018, you can easily find the best vlogging camera under 300 bucks along with other equipment for it.


So, let’s have a look what kind of basic equipment is essential for filming and which equipment can wait till your channel grows more.

How to Vlog: Equipment Beginner’s Guide

Vlogging isn’t easy. You have to vlog almost every day, finding interesting topics or places like other countries to show to the viewers. Additionally, you need time to do other things throughout the day as well. And that is work, which you have to be ready for.

If you like making videos and want to become a travel vlogger or a daily vlogger, you need to have the equipment required for a qualitative content.

  • Of course, the first thing you need is a camera. A camera for vlog videos has to be compact, lightweight, and qualitative enough to make focused, colorful videos even on the go. It is better to go for a camera with a flip screen. The most common camera among popular vloggers is Canon G7X.
  • If you’re more into filming while travelling and making your videos even more interesting, pick a GoPro, which can be placed either on a helmet or a bicycle. Or you can easily hold it in your hands on the go. It is the best choice for travel videos.
  • A travel camera backpack. Don’t store camera just in a suitcase while traveling the world. Keep it securely placed in a special backpack.


  • A mini tripod. Do you need a tripod for vlogging? Definitely, yes. Go for a mini version to be able to take it with you everywhere. It is a compact tool that helps to hold the camera further and place it stably on different types of surface.
  • For a better audio quality, get a microphone. A microphone is what you can save money on by not getting it at all or getting one of the cheapest models on the Amazon. You can find a good microphone for 20, 25, or 30 dollars online. Start filming without it and if the audio isn’t good enough, you can get a microphone.
  • Neck strap. To ensure that your camera is safe all the time you hold it, get a neck strap to prevent it from falling down. Wear it on the neck and shoot anytime you want without the need to reach for your backpack to take the camera out. Keep it right in front of you.

That’s all for a basic set for a beginner vlogger. If you are new to making videos for YouTube, don’t go for the most expensive camera immediately. Start with something simple.

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