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Fox WTTG, also known as Fox 5 DC is a Fox owned and operated television station and it is part of the duopoly with MyNetwork TV licensed to operate in the Washington, DC market. Just like with most of the television content carriers in the United States, those interested in shows or programs by Fox WTTG can get them on cable or via livestream using the many live streaming services currently available.

For those interested in viewing its WTTG shows on cable, they are available in Comcast Xfinity on channel 25 in Washington DC, channel 5 in the Virginia and Maryland suburbs, and also on Verizon FiOS, RCN and Cox Communication. For those interested in live streaming Fox WTTG shows, check with your service provider to see if they are covered, but remember that Fox WTTG is specifically licensed to the Washington DC market and may not be available in the rest of the markets. With that said, here are five reasons why you should be watching Fox WTTG live streams:

It is affordable

The greatest allure to most of the streaming services is that they have brought cheaper and convenient options than the cable when it comes to watching one’s favorite shows. With subscriptions beginning from as little as $20 per month, you can have access to streaming services that will not just avail to you WTTG programs, but also other channels with high quality content.

On the convenience, if you don’t like one streaming service, you can always try out another one because they don’t come with contracts that may bind you to them for a period, even if you don’t enjoy the services. Therefore, one of the reasons why you should consider watching Fox WTTG live stream is because of its affordability.

Programs on the go

With live stream services, you won’t have to worry about missing your favorite shows on Fox WTTG. This allows you the pleasure to indulge in shows when they are airing live so that you won’t have to wait for replays or recordings. Additionally, with an active live streaming subscription, you will not be restricted to your living room every time you want to catch up with your various shows. All you need are the credentials of the service provider to log into the official Fox website and enjoy your favorite WTTG shows. Whether you are at home, in the train, at work or at school, all you need is your laptop or your mobile devices to connect to the internet and you will be good to go with watching shows on the Fox 5 channel.

Access to a wide variety of channels

When you can manage to get a subscription to watch Fox WTTG live stream, you will not only have access to the programs available on this channel alone. You will also unlock a plethora of other programs from of the leading channels in the country. The simple reason for this is that the service provider who will be carrying Fox WTTG content will also be a carrier to other networks which you will find in the same package as that of Fox 5. As such, you will have at your disposal a great deal of channels to suit all your entertainment needs. You can expect to find at least 25 channels in the package you will be subscribing for Fox WTTG programs.

Has the best of the local Fox Programing

If you are a fun of the Fox network, and you needed a place where you can get all of their top shows under one roof, then you have every reason to consider Fox WTTG livestream. As previously noted, you will find a great deal of content from other carriers when you subscribe for a streaming service, but if your interest is on shows exclusive to Fox, then you will surely find a home at Fox WTTG. Some of the popular programs you will find on the channel include Modern Family, Judge Judy, Extra, Harry, The Wendy William Show and TMZ on TV amongst others.

On sports programming, Fox WTTG has been the home station for the Washington Redskins since 1994. It means that if you are a fun of the Redskins, then you don’t to worry about missing any of their NFL encounters when you can live stream Fox WTTG. With WTTG, you will have access to all the Sunday afternoon Redskin games, including post seasons and regular season games.

It is simple and easy

You don’t need anything special or extra knowledge on live streaming to have access to Fox WTTG other than a subscription to a live streaming service which offers the channel as part of its packages and of course a streaming device. If you have ever used any streaming service, it will not be any different with using WTTG, only that it is ideally suited to the Washington market.

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