Video Editing in Linux
Video Editing in Linux

Most of us know that Linux is an open-source operating system. It differs from Microsoft windows in most of the features. It would not be wrong if we say, Windows is used more than Linux. But there is a misconception. Many people think Linux is only an operating system used by Professional Programmers, Ethical Hackers or Security Experts.

Whenever they think about Linux, the first thought is a black background terminal with green commands running on it. But Linux isn’t all about the terminal. It is now something that a common computer user can also use.

In this article, we will see how a normal user can use Linux to perform video editing using Linux. But none of this software will be paid. I am gonna add all free software regarding the category. So Let’s don’t waste the time:

Video Editing Softwares:

If you are a content creator on YouTube and you’ve started using Linux. Or you are someone who loves to do 3D animations or work as a freelancer to provide video editing, 3D modeling, Animations etc. So this list is for you. All these software are free to use.


1. OpenShot:

OpenShot is something that can replace any professional video editing software in Windows at any time. For general purpose video editing especially for YouTube video upload. OpenShot can be a better choice. This is a completely free and open-source software with multi-purpose video editing features.

You can check its features and other details here:

2. Kdenlive:

If you are looking for a cool software and don’t want to use OpenShot. Kdenlive can prove a better alternative to any video editing software any time. It is smooth in usage but contains a huge variety of features. It is also free and open-source software. Handier then OpenShot.


More about Kdenlive and download here:

3. Shotcut:

The reason why I love Linux is it provides many alternatives to every software available in Windows. And the best part is almost all these alternatives are free to use. Another impressive video editor in Linux is Shotcut. It has the same features as OpenShot and Kdenlive. But this baby comes with the extra support of 4K video format.


More about Shotcut, check it here.

More applications for free general purpose video editing are:

  • VidCutter
  • Cinelerra
  • Flowblade

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