When there is a problem with no increase in the water bill, count on the help of an exact location of the water leak,

In Brazil the Desentupidora is a company that used this technology to find out the exact location of the leak.

With a device called a geophone, it is possible to locate the flow through the listening, which allows the location to be broken exactly where the leak is.

This new site is a large one to the final consumer, using the client to heal your problem very fast the approach in a contam of water.

See how the Leak location is made

With the geophone apparatus the technician performs an on-site scan and a location location of the exact location of the leak

Thus, the equipment detects the sound of the technician, makes a complete scan to identify the exact location.

With a hammer it makes a break of place to correct the chain of which it is defective.

See How to Prevent Leak in Your Home

  • Always leave as taps
  • Preventive Maintenance of Plumbing
  • replace every 6 months with a water box float
  • always check the water clock
  • do not stay too long under the shower

What Company to Hire in Brazil

The Cleaner In The Neighborhood is one of the pioneer companies in leak location so as well as a water bill change problem get in touch and request a quote over the phone.

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