Find yourself a couple of dollars short on that shiny, new, ultra-fast gadget? You could be that person enjoying the new MacBook Pro, or that new Surface Studio, but you’re still keeping the same old clunker of a laptop that you think no one will buy.

Selling used laptops and all sorts of gadgets is faster than ever with the availability of the internet. Here are several methods on how you can ditch the old hardware for a newer model:

Sell For Cash

Selling your old device is one of the easiest ways to raise money for an upgrade, which gets you to buying that new laptop sooner. Sites such as Amazon, eBay and Craiglist has some sections where you can upload a pic of your laptop for sale. There are some potential downsides, though; the time commitment and having to deal with unscrupulous buyers can test your patience and wear you out.

Instead of spending more time, why not sell your laptop on a site that’s guaranteed to buy your laptop or any other old or broken devices? A price quote will only take a minute or two. Soon, you’ll have quick cash for your old phone, tablet or laptop computer.

The best online selling platforms are those that give you a decent price for your gadget’s market value. Other notable features include easy shipping options and same-day pay soon as they get your device.

Regift Or Donate

One man’s trash is another one’s treasure, so before you scrap your old TV, tablet or desktop, you may want to think about friends, family members or relatives who would gladly accept your gadget. Moreover, a local library or a school may accept these as donations to further their cause.


Recycle your old laptop to minimize any carbon footprint. Instead of throwing it straight at the trash, you can bring it to the local recycling center and have them take the computer apart and dispose of the hazardous waste. You minimize pollution and items that could spill dangerous chemicals on landfills.

Sites such as can buy your old devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptop and desktop computers, old game consoles, e-readers, cameras and iPads at a reasonable price. Your electronic devices will be recycled in order to protect the Earth from e-waste materials. Any working parts will be reused accordingly. You can be sure that your old gadget will be put to good use!

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