Tau Bounty Program

Want to be engaged in a fair participation economy? A fair participation economy is the desire of all parties. In the concept of fair participation economy, all users jointly secure networks based on the history of transactions that have been carried out. This is what Tau ​​created. Tau encourages the creation of a fair participation economy and requires people with great optimism to participate.

In the coming months, Tau invited everyone to participate in its campaign, spreading various news related to the Tau blockchain and the Proof-Of-Transaction consensus mechanism. So far, the Tau team has created four bounty categories, each designed for each prize hunter to encourage them to get their rewards quickly and in the shortest possible time.

Regarding this plan, Tau has distributed no less than 800 million Taucoin to four categories, all of which will be given to all eligible participants in the coming months. Don’t miss your big chance to get the Tau Coin!

The reason why you have to participate

The past is when we participate in a program but we wait too long for our rewards or worse, in the end we don’t get it. With the official Tau gift, long waits are just history and rewards will be deposited in just a few days.

First prize

Every user will automatically get 1000 Tau when they log in with Facebook and they will get at least an additional 1000 Tau for the coming months. In other words, getting 1000 Tau is quite easy because you only need to connect your email with your account. You don’t need to do it many times. Only once!

Refer to friends and family

If you want to get more, why don’t you refer this project to loved ones? By referring to your family and friends you will get the perfect gift. You only need to make simple links through your web wallet and share them every time you engage in social media. Youtube is no longer just a means of seeking entertainment but also a great tool for you to earn extra income! As a basic estimate, each successful referral will bring 1000 Tau and if you have 2000 friends and you are successful at 50% how many references will you get? It should be noted, every successful reference will be automatically added to your network.

Discuss the Tau project

Your activity in the world of social media should be paid and Tau provides facilities for it. By discussing the Tau project, you will have the opportunity to earn substantial additional income. When you discuss our project and it becomes viral, you will receive 500 Tau. Whatever your media; Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter and even WeChat, all can be used to get more Tau. How? Just create a post talking about Tau, copy the link and upload it to the Talking Tau uploader. Once your post is confirmed, you will receive 500 Tau immediately. For viral posts you have the opportunity to receive up to 100,000 Tau!

Building Tau is building a future for all of us

If you have the same thoughts as us, developing the Tau in any way you can then you are on the road to success. By writing content, coding, editing white paper and doing whatever you can, you will get tempting rewards. We appreciate every help we receive, no matter how large the assistance is.

Building Tau Bounty

You are given the freedom to send whatever you consider productive as a job and immediately participate in your gift dashboard. The minimum prize for each job is 100,000 Tau and the maximum prize is 1,000,000 Tau. We really appreciate your help!

Do you have other fantastic ideas? Why don’t you tell us immediately? You can share all your fantastic ideas with our telegram community. Do the best and you will get the best! The use of crypto currencies can’t be avoided and Bitcoin is not the only choice. You have many choices and Tau is one of the best because our principle is to appreciate every help we receive. Hopefully this post can inspire you. Good luck and find your dreams! Do best and get the best!


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