Google Introduces Allo and Duo Apps for Android and iOS
Google Introduces Allo and Duo Apps for Android and iOS

Two new apps called Allo and Duo has been introduced by Google for Android and iOS. The special feature of Allo is instant messaging with built-in Google Assistant. The second one Duo has the feature of video calling which claims the good performance even on weak data connections like using the internet on SIM networks.

Google has already taken the decision to bring two new apps in the line in spite of making Google Hangouts service productive for its users. It is said that Allo and Duo will excel Social media’s Facebook Messenger, FaceTime, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, IMO and the like. Keeping a strict eye on today’s market-oriented items, Google has included some key features which create the distinction between these two apps.

However, Allo has some special features called Smart Reply and Google Assistant, the integration of both is assumingly outstanding, though it significantly used as an instant messaging app like so many others. The first feature is that Smart Reply can be used for giving a suggestion of replies while texting, which was first experienced by Gmail through Inbox. The second is its artificial intelligence to read texting patterns as well as pops suggestions. For instance, it can distinguish and detect whether the person belongs to ‘Hey’ or ‘Hello’ personality and likewise suggests replies on text bar. The third is that it can also read images that are received on the app and suggest a similar response in return.

The feature of Google Assistant is integration for showing search into the app. The availability of search allows users to search hotels, theatres, flights and many other events from one app despite leaving the chat or conversation. It also has some tools like YouTube, Maps, and Translate, while it also has more prominent features by which users can write on pictures before making it ready to send on Allo and similarly to increase the size of the text for messaging.

One of the biggest news is possibly Google’s claim that it works even on low networks. Now, when it comes to Duo, Google’ new video calling app will comparatively prove exceptionally well to Skype, Viber, FaceTime and many others. It is simple in use and one can simply contact his or her phone as long as the app is there.

The quality of calls via Duo are in HD, nevertheless if the network is slow. Google also claims that the app has the feature of quality adjustments to keep the video call intact & unbroken. The app has another feature called Knock Knock that simply shows a preview video of the caller just before picking up the call. Furthermore, the caller is wittingly traced. Whenever the user picks up the call, the audio track turned on and the two persons can easily make a conversation.

Being aware of the issue of privacy and security, Google has particularly introduced end-to-end encryption in the new app Duo. While in Allo, the search giant has introduced a mode of incognito that will have end-to-end encryption and will show carefulness in notifications. Google announced the introduction of these apps, Android and iOS this summer with no specific date is yet announced.

A spokesperson from the company Business Insider told that it shouldn’t be a surprise to the Hangouts users. The person further elaborated that it will continue to invest in Hangouts as it is tied to its enterprise products and office spaces will most probably continue to use it.