Google Nexus 2016
Google Nexus 2016

A new report said that Google’s next-generation flagship smartphone which is now dubbed as Nexus 2016, is designed with an extraordinarily unlimited feature, Google Photo backup. It is strongly pointing that users will avail the service by keeping their original high-quality of captured images as well as recorded 4K clips. This feature will possibly be live for the next Nexus devices.

The latest version of Google Photo brought the people’s attention to an upcoming feature which will support unlimited original quality photo and video backups for Nexus devices,the APK analysis done by Android Police & 9to5Google said.

The report further said, on the one hand, Google deemed to provide a strong reason for letting Android fans to show their favour for the flagship devices that the tech giant is going to sell or already selling.

While on the other, Google Photo’s current build will offer the same unlimited backup feature and with the help of that the application is enabled to automatically perform pictures’ optimizations and videos exist on its index maintaining the storage limit of your Google account. But,the final cut of Android is soon likely to disclose the original quality or size of media files stored in,will be left intact.

It is pertinent to state 9to5Google’s reported that, the adjustment will be appreciated by smartphone camera users who normally hoard high-resolution pics or make 4K videos clips on their devices. To a certain extent, the next build of Google Photo still assures users that clips will be made and proceed in their original form.

The other clue given by the story is the likelihood of a huge camera leapfrog which is being planned for the next Nexus smartphone camera, hardware- and software-wise. Without giving the detail on anything, the report pointed that the uptick on Google Photo’s quality capacity seems to improve and that Nexus devices will only get better with higher resolution cameras.

Presently, both the Nexus 5X and 6P featured with the same 12MPmain shooter, which could enable the user to see a significant step up in time for the sequels’ arrival. However, nothing could be predicted regarding the 16MP main camera that works with an 8MP selfie-optimized front shooter.

As per a report, the next Nexus is also rumored to power up with Snapdragon 820 and up to 4GB of RAM provision with the build and design seen after the Huawei-made Nexus 6P which was widely praised and appreciated for its beautiful housing and solidification.

It is actually HTC which is appointed builder of Google’s next-generation stock Android device with two models likely to arrive soon.

Google indicated not to discuss anything on its Nexus 2016 release date plans during the recently concluded I/O 2016 but the compass points to an August opening which reports said will be pending till the official rollout of Android N.

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