Green Hell Water's Latest Update Is Finally Out

Green Hell has released its new water update! The update’s main feature is that players can now swim and dive and the introduction of the monstrous black caiman in the game!

What is Green Hell?

To those not familiar with it, Green Hell is an open world survival simulator with awesome graphics and almost close to realistic survival skills and scenarios. The game sets you in the deep forests in the Amazon with only a few tools you can use for your survival. The game is still in its early access phase but has received a lot of positive reviews.

In story mode, you set out along with your girlfriend in the Amazon to prove the existence of a new tribe of people. But as you go deeper in the jungle, the situation worsens. To the point where you could only talk to your loved one through the radio.

There are other survival games out there but Green Hell has more realistic elements to it and great graphics quality. If you do want to check out other realistic survival games, there are plenty out there. You can check out Steam to see other survival games.

The game boasts of it’s close to reality survival game mechanics like:

  • Use of true survival techniques (starting a fire, shelter building, storing water)
  • Crafting (tools and weapons)
  • Food sourcing (hunting, trapping, foraging)
  • Sickness, disease, wounds treatment

The game also offer unique survival counters like health, hunger, thirst, and psychological health. So you have to plan and keep track of what you’re gonna do in order to keep these counters to a manageable level.

The environment isn’t also just for a field of play. It affects everything. Everything you do impacts the ecosystem of the environment. So make sure that you’re not doing too much of anything else, you might cause certain species to go extinct.

Water Update is now Live!

The new update has made it possible for player’s to swim and dive in any body of water. But be careful thou, you might be swimming alongside a black caiman! The game also added aquatic animals such as prawn, red crab, angelfish, and etc… most of which you can trap or fish for food. A few adjustments were also made to make the game more realistic than it was before.

They’ve also added a few easter eggs in the game. If you explore the new area you’ll see an anaconda being skewered. This might mean that anacondas will come in the following patches. There’s also a possibility of new natives to the game.

The difficulties have also been adjusted.

A Walk In The Park – basically a peaceful playthrough. You won’t encounter any hostility or attacks. This difficulty is basically just for players who want to focus on exploration and building.

Welcome To The Jungle – The normal mode. This is for players who wants to feel the survival experience. You’ll encounter a balanced approach of hostility and difficulty.

Green Hell – For hardcore survival experts. If you want to test yourself, Green Hell is a harsh difficulty. Animals and Natives are more hostile, and keeping your sanity will be a hard time to manage.

If you want to read the full patch note click : Green Hell Water Update

Thoughts on the New Update

Creepy Jar has done a great job! They really do listen to community feedback and make the game better. The game keeps getting better patch after patch. They constantly add new elements to the game to keep it exciting and make it closer to a realistic survival scenario.

The green hell water update added the water as a huge gameplay in the game. Now you can swim and dive, create traps, or even hunt the black caiman. They’ve also added new areas for players to explore. Like the broken bridge (you need bamboos first to fix it), you can now cross it and be able to access a new area of the game with all the new updates in it.

They’ve also fixed a lot of bugs and improved performance and graphics. The community reception has been mostly positive. This means Creepy Jar is doing a great job so far and we can expect a lot of great content in the future. If you haven’t played this game yet, you should check it out! You can download it on Steam. If you want to see the actual gameplay of the game, you can check out clips of the game with the new water update.

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