Remember these guys? The dedicated team that helps build MVP (minimum viable product), which allows startups to hit the ground running via outsourced development?

Turns out, GRIN Tech is the same company who, in collaboration with Logomachine, can help you in building your brand’s identity.

The Grin Tech team fell in love with the Russia-based design company’s excellent offers on Logotypes & Brand Asset. Today, they’re bringing the same level of experience and attention to detail to English-speaking clients.

As a top branding agency,Logomachine and GRIN tech partnership now offers:

The World’s Biggest Design Portfolio

Explore a world-class design portfolio that’s the biggest of its kind. Logomachine handles projects across all verticals, including Agencies, Education & Hobby, Entertainment, Food, Financial & Legal, Health & Beauty, Industrial & Construction, IT, Logistics & Transportation, Online, Retail and Sports.

Business entities and individuals can turn to this solution to make themselves known. Creating a unique corporate image and keeping abreast of the times with more modern designs are just some of the things they can do for their clients.

Fixed Prices

Services are grouped in different packages, with each one having a logo and corporate identity using fonts, colors and usage rules.

The Enterprise package includes a brand book, animated logo and various print patterns and 5 items of your choosing. Extra Assets such as t-shirt design, patternhead illustration, business card and social network design are thrown in.

Startup packages will have carriers and extra assets to help your brand stand out from the rest.

Bootstrapped packages contain basic brand assets and logotype services.

Fixed Time For Delivery

Interested clients can get in touch and fill out form details or use the onsite chat. An account manager will connect with you and provide the necessary details or plan out business goals and set a brief.

As soon as the brief is filled, your account manager begins work on the project. The final result of Logotypes and Brand Asset will be shown in 14 days.

By the way, they say GRIN tech’s blog worth checking out

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