White Label Trading Platform

White Label solutions are more advantageous for brokerage firms and their customers. But not all software developers are equal, and for this reason you shouldn’t just pick out the first white label trading platform you see.

Great white label trading software packages are solutions that will save you and your company invaluable time and money. Time is of the essence if you’re launching a new product. By going with the right developer, you can concentrate on growing your business and enhancing your customer’s trading experience.

Here are important things to consider when choosing the right white label trading platform:

Ease of Use

You’ll need a software that’s pliant enough to customize with your firm’s logo and content. Moreover, it should be easy enough for re-branding to meet your specific needs. White label trading software should have seamless integration with the most popular systems.

Tradesmarter offers Front and Back Office features in a complete brokerage solution. In short, it’s everything you need in terms of trading software and tools.

Industry Knowledge

The most experienced software developers are ones who have spent years in the financial and trade industry. Without difficulty, they will tell you current white label platform trends and what kind of features will give you an edge over the competition. They can help scale your firm’s implementation according to the industry’s trends and demands.

Cost and Pricing Models

White label contracts can vary in terms of price and fees. Many developers charge a monthly fee for system access whether you make a profit or not. Tradesmarter, on the other hand, charges only if the broker has made a profit.

Customer Support

Make sure your platform is covered for basic troubleshooting and tech support for any issue you may encounter. You’ll need a white label trading solution that constantly gets updated with new features and services.

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