Lapel Pin

When choosing a custom lapel pin company, it’s quite difficult to find the ideal supplier that exhibits a trifecta of fair pricing, quick turnaround times, and stellar customer support.

Consider the following essentials in your search for the right enamel pin supplier to ensure the best results:

Quality of Materials and Pin Outcome

The better the lapel pin company, the higher the product quality you can expect. A good company confidently offers competitively priced pins backed by a quality guarantee, whether you opt for standard or premium pins with enhancements, i.e. a more detailed design and a higher grade of polish or color. First-time business partners would have a trusted representative guide them to the ordering process, materials used, design-making, plating, and all necessary information to come up with the perfect pin.

Customer Reviews and Overall Experience

The team should have an exceptional grasp in delivering top customer service with seamless communication. Your designer will work closely with you through each step of the way to ensure that everything will be according to your specifications. Unlimited revisions should be a feature, as well as having a final design handed to you just before the company mass-produces the enamel pins.

How Long Will It Take To Get Your Pin

You should get a rough draft of your pin before it enters the production phase, which starts the moment you give the okay signal and finalize your order. Turnaround time should be fast, ideally 12 hours to produce your custom design, and less than two weeks to receive your order.

Custom Pin Costs And Your Budget

Pin pricing can vary depending on variables such as design, time, shipping charges and other fees. You should know exactly how much you’ll need for your order. Getting a free quote can help you seamlessly fit your budget for the project.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

Payment method largely depends on what was agreed upon, but they’ll most likely accept PayPal. This method works in favor of the buyer because of the option to do a refund through the platform. Save yourself the trouble and valuable time by having your enamel pins done by a reputable company in the first place.

Vivipins is today’s top choice of custom lapel pin supplier. The site’s simplified system that takes the complications out of ordering custom-made enamel pins. You can get free designs and there’s no minimum for work orders. Moreover, the pins themselves are of jewelry quality and made of non-toxic materials. Turnaround time is fast at just 10 to 12 days for standard and as little as 8 days for rush, inclusive of DHL Priority Shipping.

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