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Before hiring the best SEO firm your goal should be to sit down with your team, whether it be the executive team, marketing or sales team and figure out your goals and what you wish to gain out of SEO. What makes you want to do seo? Why do you wish to organically rank for certain keywords? This gives you a good benchmark when judging what defines success or failure when it comes down to seo services.

Search Engine Optimization Goals:

At Rank Today we make sure our customers have the correct goals before we onboard them as a client. Goals that are realistic, help drive growth and sales are beneficial to the success of a business. As a customer you should understand the differences between good and bad seo goal before reaching out to an SEO expert.

Good SEO Goals

  • We wish to reach an audience who is researching “topic”, and we need to get traffic from this group of people. We know this target group always searches for this information – Great Goal
  • We are looking to boost revenue and sales and hope to use SEO as a sales channel. – Fine Goal
  • We want to give a good brand impression to our potential customers so when they search us they see our company and our reviews this puts us in a great place in their minds. – This is a good goal

These are all great but what are some bad goals to have for SEO?

Bad SEO goals:

  • Traffic just for traffic purposes. Why do you want traffic? Well because we want it. Well that is not a good goal at all. Instead understanding that certain keyword traffic converts better for your business is good goal. But traffic for the sake of traffic isn’t. Sometimes lots of businesses fall into this because they think more traffic correlates to more business. That isn’t true. Because targeted traffic is what converts the best.
  • Ranking for the sake of ranking. Understanding why you should rank for a certain keyword should be the goal. Some businesses wish to rank for vanity purposes for keywords that don’t even pertain to their business. That isn’t healthy.

Using Defined Goals to Find the Best SEO Company

Once you have your goals, now it’s time to find the perfect company. You might think it’s a great idea to just search google and go with the top seo company. This isn’t always the best idea when looking for agencies. Those who have time to rank have too much time on their hands and no clients. Those you find through referrals are the best type of companies.

SEO companies from referrals have to be doing an amazing job to get a referral. As a majority of agencies over promise and under deliver. So, getting a positive recommendation goes a long way in knowing you are in good hands.

How to find the right SEO Agency

The goal is to have 3-5 companies to choose from.

  1. Reach out to your family and friends first.
  2. Look at your immediate business network and see if they have some recommendations.
  3. Look at your online network for some recommendations.
  4. Look for industry insiders giving names of brands that do great work.

Signs that an agency isn’t the right fit

  1. They promise rankings overnight or within a very short period of time.
  2. They don’t perform a complete SEO audit on your website.
  3. They don’t take out the time to understand your customers or how you gain business and convert to sales.
  4. They don’t research your competitions as its not vital to rank.
  5. They care more about ranking and less about sales.
  6. They don’t have any on page seo recommendations or changes.
  7. They push for highly competitive keywords instead of building authority using long tail keywords.

These are some basic criteria for understanding your business goals, measuring the right fit for a company and making sure you get the most out of your SEO budget. If you are looking to learn more about seo and the tools you should be using to better measure your company’s success. Check out our post on