House of Cards

Kevin Spacey led House of Cards will return to Netflix later this year. The production house just cared to mention that it will be released this fall, the exact date is still a mystery.

Usually every year the new season of House of Cards hits Netflix in the month of February or March, however, last year it was released in the month of May. This year, the show has been postponed to a much farther date (late 2018).

The major change to the show would be the removal of Kevin Spacey. The actor played the role of a cunning President of the United States in the show; the actor was fired after he was accused of sexual misconduct. The season 6 of House of Cards will focus solely on Claire Underwood, the President’s wife in the show, played by the renowned actress, Robin Wright.

Late last year, the team of House of Cards had actually begun working on season 6; a little of an episode might have also been shot. Out of the blue, various actors started talking about Spacey’s misconduct, most of the allegations date years ago, however, it was later also reported that Kevin Spacey was also misbehaving with the cast of House of Cards.

An image of Claire Underwood from House of Cards
An image of Claire Underwood from House of Cards

As the shocking truth began to unfold, House of Cards’ team had to take few difficult steps. The next season of the show has to exclude Kevin Spacey and to do that, the whole script had to be rewritten. Claire Underwood will have to fill in Frank’s shoes; she will most likely be following Frank’s evilish footsteps.

Also, House of Cards season 6 will consist of only 8 episodes as compared to the standard ‘13’. There have been reports suggesting that the plan is to conclude the series with season 6.

However, amidst all this, the bigger question is, how will the show cut the role of the main character, that is, Frank Underwood. It’s not going to be easy for the creators and the viewers alike (to digest).

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