computer repair

Computers have complex operating systems that can do a lot of things, and as such they need a kind of shutdown sequence before they can power down safely. While it may seem harmless, simply pulling the plug while your computer is turning off can lead to risks and potential damage in both software and hardware. If it won’t start up like it should, you may need to call in an expert computer repair technician.

What Causes An Unexpected Shutdown?

Unexpected shutdowns can happen in a number of ways- Power outages, a dead battery, individuals tripping on the power cord, hitting the “power off” button, the blue screen of death and a freezing computer.

The thing to remember is that pressing the power button also prematurely takes out the processes running in the background, even if you’re not running any software, file or browser window. But sometimes, there’s nothing we can do if unexpected shutdowns happen because of blackouts.

During an update, a computer is getting prepped for new features or in the process of fixing processes or bugs within the system. Stopping your computer from completing this task can lead to broken or incomplete files that won’t work, which could lead to data corruption.

Also, corrupted or incomplete registry files can damage the whole registry of your computer. Registries are important because they contain vital system configuration on softwares you have installed on your computer. Then there’s the system files, which form the backbone of your operating system.

Your hard drive contains all the necessary files to boot up your operating system, but what would happen if a component suddenly goes corrupt in the event that your computer shuts off unexpectedly? Your computer will refuse to load and you’ll have an unusable computer until you can have a technician install a fresh OS.

The Proper Way To Power Off Your System

See to it you select “shut down” from your computer’s power options whenever you turn it off. Computer frozen? Try the CTRL ALT DEL to get to Task Manager and to force quit the troublesome program. If the system won’t boot properly, the computer repair experts at Advanced Computer Consulting can diagnose the problem and immediately get it fixed.

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