How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Face of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is starting to go hand in hand with artificial intelligence. This implementation is possible only due to the fact that through analytics various user data can be collected to be processed and implemented by the AI.

Let us explore the ways in which AI can change digital marketing to get more business;

Improved User Experience:

AI can help in improving customer experience by collecting data and customer preferences based on the previous browsing history and present the services and products that match with the user preferences on top hence personalizing the user’s experience.

This same technology is used on platforms like YouTube and Netflix hence you will always see that your feed of suggested programs or videos is different from what is being suggested to your other family members.

Online shopping sites have gone as far as adopting augmented reality where you can try out the spectacles, clothes or shoes before making a purchase. This means that the customer can be sure before buying a product and the chances of a return of the product reduce improving engagement.

Voice search technology is also a great example of how AI can make our lives easier and improve website accessibility to everyone including the visually challenged. Devices like Alexa and Google home respond to all questions in the most humane way possible which shows the reach of artificial intelligence.

Focused Advertising:

Digital advertising with the help of artificial intelligence can generate greater conversions. By analyzing the user’s interest, demographics and previous interests, the ad suggestions that we see on the screen are different for every user due to their different preferences. Focusing on the group of interested people will help in better conversions.

If you have been doing online shopping, you must have noticed that the product you search for in shopping sites but do not buy, keeps popping on your browser through google ads whenever you browse any site and this may entice you to finally purchase the product. This is how powerful AI is when it comes to focussed digital advertising.

Real-time Customer Support through AI Chat-Box:

Not all customers feel comfortable to talk to an executive on the phone moreover if every time a customer faces an issue and calls up the customer support, the lines are going to be jammed hence an alternative is always preferable. Luckily artificial intelligence has made this possible by introducing AI chat-boxes which are automated and can give the customer answers to general questions asked. Also, the solutions provided by the AI to the customer is more human-like to deliver a real-time experience. Companies like Facebook and Amazon are already using AI chat-boxes to help their customers reach out to them 24/7. This not only helps the customers who get their problems resolved by chats but also the ones with real technical issues on calls as they do not need to wait for a long time to connect to customer support.

Integrating artificial intelligence to your business can only help your business grow; moreover, artificial intelligence is growing day by day and you never know what not can be done in the future with the help of AI.

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