How Latest Technology Can Help You Redefine Beauty

As the latest trends and technologies are starting to reach new heights, more-and-more people are coming in the influence of it. You can get each and every service with just a few swipes along with the comfort of your home.

With the world shifting online, there is a major paradigm shift and many of the big conglomerates are starting to experiment with the Artificial Intelligence. Implementing artificial intelligence and making it into something that can be used by the end user is quite a challenge and only some of the companies have really managed to deliver as per the expectations.

There are various brands which offer cosmetics and are now starting to roll out different augmented reality apps that can actually show you what you’d look like after wearing the makeup. Some of the apps that were launched in the initial phases were quite basic, but as the technology is picking up pace, the apps that are now launching have a great many features that were previously not possible. The apps are becoming quite popular these days and many of the best makeup artist in Ahmedabad have started to use them for analysing the skin type and then deciding on the makeup that’ll look great on the future brides.

Here we have mentioned a few of the technology trends that seem like they’re ahead of their time and can help redefine the world of beauty and cosmetics.

ModiFace Skin AI

ModiFace is the biggest name in the augmented reality space and many of the biggest brands like Unilever and L’Oreal use its SDK. The patented tech developed by it can detect even the minute changes in the skin and quantify it. Be it the decoloration, dark spots or even the dryness, the app can detect the smallest of the changes. ModiFace also have many other apps that can simulate photorealistic makeup and hair color with dynamic lighting.

ModiFace Skin AI

Estée Lauder’s Nighttime Expert

Have an android phone nearby? Try saying “Ok Google, can I talk to Estée Lauder Nighttime Expert.” This one is developed by Estée Lauder in association with Google assistant and will first analyze your skin with a set of Q&A sessions and then you can actually go ahead with a chat experience that’ll suggest personalized skin recommendations and the application techniques.

Estée Lauder’s Nighttime Expert

Shiseido’s Skincare System “Optune”

The major Japanese skincare brand launched a skincare system called the optune. The app’s algorithm can analyse the person’s skin tone and the environmental conditions. Optune is a personalised skincare system that combines the best of the digital technology and beauty research and works in two phases.

  1. Optune App: The app analyses the environmental conditions and collects personalized information like menstrual cycle and mood. This beauty app can also provide real-time skincare suggestions.
  2. Optune Shot: The second phase includes a cartridge of skincare product fitted in a specialized machine. According to Shiseido, this product is absolutely fit for your skin as it is selected from 1000 patterns of moisturizer and serum combinations, based on the data collected by the app.


Perfect Corp’s YouCam Makeup

This app brought in the beauty simulation and works like a magic mirror. The app allows its users to select the makeup that they want to sport and then virtually try them in real-time or by clicking an image of themselves. You can try on the different shapes of lipsticks, hair coloring and some really cool accessories. This is a nifty feature that’ll save you from the trouble of going head-over-heels when determining which makeup to choose for your wedding.

Perfect Corp’s YouCam Makeup


With the introduction of augmented reality for technology advancement in Beauty, the cosmetics industry is surely changing making it easier for the end user to select the best of the products according to their own skin types.

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