Friendly's TR-69

The TR-69 standard was created mostly to provide automatic configuration and management of Customer-Premises Equipment (CPE) via an ACS, or Auto Configuration Services.

A service provider’s success largely depends on how well their remote management solutions are. The TR-69 ACS management console by Friendly Technologies is an all-in-one platform for CPEs which delivers the following benefits:

Reduced Costs

Friendly’s TR69 is highly scalable, which means companies won’t need to allocate resources for integration and development whenever they’re adding new devices, products or services. Customer support costs are greatly reduced as well.

Enhanced Customer Experiences

Get the quickest solution with help of the system and reap exceptional customer experience. Positive brand is established, along with significant growth in terms of increased audience loyalty.

Operational Efficiencies

Troubleshooting tools are widely available for use by CSRs, which improves rate of resolution for the most common support desk calls. Problems are easily and efficiently resolved in record time.

Friendly’s TR-69 ACS Management Console allows you to:

Control Multiple Devices

Obtain remote control over most CPEs, including routers, modems, and more. In addition, users can get to the Management Console and handle multiple devices such as storage devices, media centers, STBs, IP phones, VoIP devices, cameras, and more.

Perform Real-Time Diagnostics

Users can tap into the Management Console for configuring and diagnosing CPE devices. Entire data models may be downloaded, rebooted or restored to factory settings. What’s more, configuration files can be downloaded or uploaded for backup or restoration purposes.

Do A Mass Update / Group Update

Data updates with firmware and configuration files and those that have parameter values can be sent to CPEs of any CPE model type, customer-defined CPE groups, and lists of devices imported via an external file.

Friendly’s TR-069 protocol empowers providers with zero-touch provisioning, complete monitoring support, firmware management and installations using an intuitive interface. Go with the company’s TR69 ACS Management Console if you want simplified device management!

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