20Levels - Match Puzzles and Win Discounts

20Levels App Theme Step aside Candy Crush and Bubble Shooter; there’s a new puzzle sheriff in town that’s taking the niche by the scruff of the neck. 20Levels is bringing its share of creativity to the table, adding style and constructive gameplay that centers around cash rewards and real-life incentives.

No longer do puzzle fans compete for the mere fun of bettering others as they get the chance to win very real prizes if they can beat the game- and 20 exciting levels- in record time! App Features iOS and Android users can both rest easy, knowing that 20Levels is a cross-platform app that caters to both sides of the divide.

Aside from the friendly UI that is refreshingly hippy and futuristic, this game also has the following capabilities to its resume:

A plethora of enticing levels totaling up to twenty, each offering a new challenge and experience to keep you always looking forward to the next stage. A percentage metric system against which players are judged. Luxury clothing, the latest in mobile devices and accessories, electronic merchandise, and highly sought after coupons to play for and win via the Mystery Box. A 3-piece horizontal matching system that is straightforward. Constant updates to ensure the game always remains interesting and has the latest discounts offers.

How to Play 20Levels once you open the app, it’ll prompt registration after which you get to play for a mystery box which is imbued with an undisclosed reward. To beat the game, you’ll have to play from one through to the last level (20), hence the name, upon which it will reveal the contents of the box and the prize therein. Playing field clearance involves row combinations of the playing elements, and you’ll also encounter unique effect pieces that considerably magnify the severity of your moves.

How it’s unlike the others 20Levels keeps things short and sweet, ensuring an abundance of adrenaline squeezed into twenty impressive levels. The thrill of playing for actual rewards as opposed to virtual currency as is the norm with puzzle games gives it that casino-like wow-factor, ensuring no shortage of that rush of exhilaration that makes time seem to fly by so fast.

Parting Shot Google Play Store reviews look pretty good, and they offer revelations of an app that diverse audiences are taking a liking to quickly. It’s an instant hit across borders as gamers from across the world try their luck at the joy and rewards of attaining the Mystery box. Be sure to download your copy today and stand a chance to earn a podium finish among the winners!

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