How To Build A Website From Scratch With Mobirise

Web creation services are a dime a dozen, and going through them to get what you need will take up an enormous amount of time.

Mobirise seeks to eliminate that tediousness by offering a professional DIY approach to building your very own website. If you’ve always been curious on how to build a website from scratch, look no further- Mobirise is probably the only thing you’ll need to accomplish that goal.

What is Mobirise?

Mobirise is a software that works just like a web designer that teaches you how to create a website. The website builder makes things easy by throwing out programming know-how out the window in favor of simpler drag-and-drop design mechanics.

How to build a website from scratch:

Download and Install Mobirise

Download the Mobirise Website Builder software at the official website for free. Once complete, unzip the file and double click to begin installation. Wait until it’s done (in about a minute), then open the program.

You will need to sign up to avail of Mobirise. You can create a new username or use an existing Google or Facebook account.

1. Choose a Template

Choose from any available web template with modern themes. You get a list of standard ones to set your own website for absolutely free.

2. Customize Your Project

Drag and drop as many blocks as you want into your website. These blocks represent Galleries, Footers, Menus, Carousels, Contact Forms and others. When you’re happy with the results, proceed to the next step.

3. Publish Your Website

Want to know how your website looks before you publish it for everyone to see? Click on the “mobile view” icon to get a preview. Afterwards, you can publish on several popular platforms, including Github Pages, FTP, your local drive or on Mobirise’s very own free hosting.

That’s it! You won’t need scripting language or database coding to set up a professional-looking website. This is the convenience that Mobirise offers.

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