Words in Any Document Fast and Free

Previously, when technology was not as reliable and as stable as it is today, there were lots of different explanations for counting the words in a document. Counting the words of the source language and the target language, getting to pay per page, hour or project were some of the means you had to pay for the translation. Life has been much easier with the advent of such counting technologies. Now you don’t have to kill your money and time counting the words in a file manually. All you need is to drag and drop your document into the free word counter tool online and the tool will give you an accurate count.

There are several free online calculators which count the number of words in a text and websites, yet most of them are unreliable. This free word counter tool is a unique software designed to help the user in counting words in files at one go. The tool can count the words in word, excel, webpage, PDF, publisher files with ease. It has become extremely popular in the transcription and translation industry because of its unique feature which is helping in the calculation of the cost of transcription or translation.

The primary purpose of the tool is to make counting and translation cost calculation tasks simple. The client can take out these with a few mouse clicks. They can choose files for these operations by using add files button. By clicking the add files button, the user can add all data contained in a selected folder at one go or add relevant data by choosing various files. Next step is to set desired currency, and languages needed to be translated into. After that, the user needs to click start counting button to start the counting process.

Translators usually need the word count tool of a web page as they typically charge the customers by the number of words on a specific web page that they are translating, and not necessarily by the time they spend on translating or the number of words that they record in the translated text. Hence, being able to instantly find out the correct number of words in pages is important.

The word counter online tool can also be used if you want to count the words of your website or blog. By identifying the most common pages on your site, you can find their word count to work better with translations or other concerns you may need, like adding text if the page lacks on it. This can assist you in translating content and optimizing it for search engines in the future, that also brings more traffic.

It is a vital tool to be able to casually check how many words you have in your document or website by copying and pasting your document into the word count tool. There are a number of these counters available, and it is advised that translators always use them to lessen the time that it takes to give you a quote.

The software is equipped with whole lot of advanced features to make counting and cost calculation process fast and simple. The software has excellent utility in transcription and translation industry, as this tool facilitates simple calculation of the cost of transcription and translation and how much you need to pay professional writers for writing and translators for translating your text. The software can process a large amount of data in one go making this a fast and reliable tool. This saves valuable time and effort for the client. The software has earned full recognition in the transcription and translation industry and it is free to use.

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