How to catch a cheating wife with Technology

Women are better than men to hide an infidelity. It is a simple fact that men are careless and do not think far enough to avoid being trapped. However, this does not mean that women do not have a slip. There are little things you can check to see if your partner is leaving any trace. Just be careful how you collect your evidence and you should be able to catch your woman being unfaithful without being discovered.

Step 1 – Spy on her cell phone. And you need no physical access to her phone in order to do this, you can spy and monitor a cheating wife’s cell phone remotely by using INCFIDELIBUS. Once you are inside her cell phone, you will be able to monitor all her communications and also track her whereabouts.

Step 2 – Keep a note of the numbers she calls most on a piece of paper and make sure she does not see it. When you can, place the numbers through an online phone browser or try to call the numbers to hear who answers. Make sure to block your number before doing this. Call your telephone company and ask what you need to dial before the number to block the caller ID.

Step 3 – Search your bag for any receipt, notes and / or business cards that may be out of the ordinary. Keep a mental note of these things, so you can use them as proof if you discover enough evidence that it cheats you.

Step 4 – Create a fake name on an instant messaging screen if you know your partner uses such a service. You can then send him a message to see how he responds. You can tell her that you are looking for women in your area through the network, that you found her name and that you wanted to see if she is single. However, be careful, as some women already know tactics like these.

Step 5 – Ask a male friend whom she does not know, who runs into her to know how she reacts. Ask her to approach her in public and ask for the phone number. You must be completely sure that you do not know it or that you do not identify it, as this could be dangerous.

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