How To Decide On A Colour Scheme For Your Website

Coming up with the right colour scheme for your website can be a difficult thing to accomplish. You may have a favourite colour that comes to mind but that does not mean it is the right colour to use on your website.

When choosing a colour scheme for your website you need to consider what kind of emotion you are looking to evoke in visitors. A dark blue may build a sense of professionalism and trust, while an orange may bring a sense of creativity and originality.

First you should choose a dominant colour. This will be the main colour that sticks in the mind of your website visitors. For example, is a web design company and they use teal and turquoise as their main colour.

Unique colours can help you stand out from the competitors in your space. Just make sure that the colours represent the personality of the business. Standing out can be good, but you can also stand out in a bad way and get no business.

After choosing a dominant colour you should come up with an accent colour to your dominant colour. This colour should be based around the main colour, since some colours aren’t going to go well together. This will also add some personality to your website and make it look great.

Having only one colour isn’t very unique so come up with a unique combination of colours to use in order to impress visitors. There are many tools you can use online to help you do this such as the Adobe Colour Wheel, allowing you to find up to 5 colours that work well together.

Try experimenting with at least a few different colours before deciding on the final colour scheme. It may take you hours but in the end it will make a huge difference in whether potential customers choose you over competitors. Evoking emotion in customers is an important step in getting them to buy from you and build trust with you.

It may help to research a bit about the psychology of colours before making your decision. There is a lot of subliminal things going on with colours that you should know about as a designer.

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