How to easily crack the computer administered PTE Academic test

The English proficiency exam ecosystem has been shaken up completely by the PTE exam. The exam uses artificial intelligence to judge student responses and automatically awards a score through a sophisticated algorithm. The key to cracking this exam is to prepare as much as possible with accurate high quality real and repeated PTE exam questions. But there are very few websites that are offering reliable repeated exam questions. We are going to give you some pointers how to find these real exam questions.

First of all, let us be clear about what to ignore. All the fake YouTube channels with repeated questions! There is no way these questions are genuine. Many of these questions have issues that a genuine PTE question prepared by Pearson will never have.

Of course, gullible students keep falling for them and end up wasting their precious time!

So promise yourself to never waste time on these YouTube videos. Your practice time is precious and should be spent only on materials that are reliable.

Always enquire about the source of these questions. Many people take some random PDFs from here and there and put them together and start selling them online. These PDFs contain hundreds of mistakes, are full of incomplete and inaccurate questions and are in general just plain theft. Buying these materials and using them for preparation can actually put you in legal trouble.

We always advise people to find out who are the people selling these questions. Are they just some test takers who have found an easy way to make some quick bucks, or are these genuine experienced teachers?

If the questions are from genuine teachers then they will probably also offer other services on their website. For example – they might have some coaching videos, they might provide some mock tests and so on. These should be original, only then you can trust them.

Genuine teachers is by far the biggest signal that the question bank you are about to buy is genuine. You should always get in touch with the customer care and see how responsive they are. If you have any doubts feel free to reach out and ask them before purchasing a package.

If the website is making tall promises, that is a huge red flag. Anyone who claims that you will get 50% to 100% questions from their question bank is fooling you. You can benefit from the questions bank but only if you approach them in the right way. Does the website explain all of this? If it does, then it is a sign that they are honest.

PTE Academic due to its very nature is easy to use – the fixed database of questions and the software make it easier to get the desired score. It is all up to you to make up of this opportunity.

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