Print A Calendar

A printable calendar is just as good as store-bought varieties. You get to choose your very own, personalized blank calendar, and more.

Calendars are great for remembering special dates and for organizing your day, week or month. The awesome thing about printable calendars is that they can be used for home, office, school, or just about any purpose.

Printing your own calendar is easy. Here’s how:

1. Visit

Choose a calendar then simply click Print. The site presents you with the option to print in horizontal or vertical format, which you can print on regular paper, A4, legal, or any other size via your printer settings.

If you want to print at a later time, pick a calendar and click on the Download button. The site lets you choose between img or pdf format. You can also opt for a monthly or a yearly format print.

2. Customize All You Want

The printable calendars can be arranged and modified in a way that you can truly call yours. Do you want a calendar that displays two months at a time? Would you like the start day of the week to be a Monday? Changing the days are easy and intuitive. You decide if you wish to start with a blank calendar as the base, which you can use as a canvas for what you need, or select a calendar month or year.

Here are some more things you can do:

– Add holidays and special occasions using the “Add Holidays” and “Select Date” button at the top part of the site’s toolbar.

– Use your calendar inputs as reminders about important deadlines, dates of planned trips or important meetings.

– Customize each month as you want. You can set the date range per week, year or month and use the quick navigation settings “Prev” and “Next” to go back and forth as necessary.

When you’re happy with the end product, simply click on “Print” and wait for your custom print to come out.

Congratulations! You now have your very own personalized calendar.

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