How to stay Motivated for your Workouts?

Your 5:00 am alarm goes off, and instead of getting up for that early morning sweat session, something else takes over your mind and body. You’re entering the workout zone — that hot where you side-eye your gym bag followed by reasoning to not go to the gym today. Where did all of your motivation from the previous night go?

Inspirational quotes are a good start to reconnect with our fitness commitment. Music can be a melodic journey to getting into a fitness groove. Keep them both within reach when you need a song or mantra to help you power through those last reps. One can also incorporate the usage of Animal Pak for general body wellness and good body condition.

Turn your workout routine into a daily habit with these science-and-expert backed tips to get and stay motivated in the long haul.

Your hard-and-fast rules will be broken

One big hurdle to get over is to not give yourself a set of rules and goals which will be difficult to achieve. Doing this just makes it easier to talk yourself out of something. If you set yourself up for something that is easy to achieve such as getting in a walk after a busy day, you’re more likely to say ‘This makes me feel good, I think I can spare more time for this.’

A little friendly competition can light a fire

Whether you’re looking to snag the first place or just want to run faster than the person next to you on the treadmill, some friendly competition has some intense boosting power.

Even if you’re not a competitive person, finding a person or group of people who are slightly better than you can help. It’s a group effort, but the performance solely depends on whoever is quitting first.

Find a friend who won’t let you off the hook

Some people prefer solo workouts, but for that you require some sort of help in the motivation department, scheduling a regular workout regime with a friend or group can make all the difference. You’re less likely to bail on the activity or head home for the night if you know you’re ditching your workout buddy. It can also help you get excited about your fitness journey again.

Even having a supportive family member, partner, or a friend to motivate you. If you announce you’ll be participating in an upcoming marathon, you’ll be less likely to slack off if you know they’ll be there to cheer for you.

Stop Making Exercise About How You Look

The moment you stop working out for your physical appearance you tend to become more motivated. When exercise revolves around the way you look, and you fall short of your goals a few times, and you just end up giving up. Wear Solotica Aquarella contact lenses, which will help you workout more comfortably and break the shackles of wearing spectacles.

Instead of focusing on intense, major, and more elusive goals (hey, six-pack abs), try achieving micro-goals that’ll allow you to celebrate smaller victories along the way. For instance, losing 5% of your body weight or nailing a pull-up for the first time or even running a mile without stopping are small achievements you can celebrate and be proud of. The main idea is to never give up and be consistent with whatever you do. On days you do not feel like working out, opt for light and easy activities that will help burn those calories.

See you tomorrow, 5:00 am?

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