How Web Developers Can Benefit from Using a VPN

Web developers are people who can benefit more than most when using VPNs in their work. The main reason for that is that this will help you get some privacy and provide it to your clients. In this age, when online privacy is all but dead, being able to offer it gives one an instant advantage. As web development is a highly competitive field, this advantage can give your business a huge boost. Using VPNs can also help you design better websites or apps, thus giving you more chances to stand out.

3 Reasons Why Web Developers Should Be Using VPNs

1. Security

The main reason for using a VPN by default is for the protection of your own data and privacy. The main purpose of these solutions is the prevention of hack attacks that can steal valuable information from you.

Therefore, by using a VPN, web developers protect themselves, and by extension, all of their clients’ data that they get access to during work. Be sure to include the use of VPN when you are explaining your clients how you will protect their privacy. You will make a better impression showing that you use a multi-layered digital security system to ensure they are protected.

2. Testing for slow connections

A web developer is sure to have powerful hardware, software, and internet connection that will allow for maximum efficiency. But not all people using the products you develop will have the same. Yet, you need to guarantee that your web application or site performs well even with slow and unreliable networks.

A VPN allows you to create this kind of conditions. Therefore, you are able to test your product’s performance easily and make all necessary adjustments. Unlike specialized simulation software, a VPN creates a far more realistic environment. Thus, you are able to get more accurate results and create a higher quality product.

3. Test performance at different locations

Similar to the test of network quality, a VPN enables you to test your web product’s performance at different locations. Nowadays, countries have a rather diverse set of online restrictions. Therefore, you need to make sure that your work will hold up and run smoothly under any of them.

This particular feature can help you greatly if you want to go global and start accepting orders from other countries.

4 Best VPNs for Web Developers

1. Tunnelbear

Tunnelbear is a VPN that spans over 200 countries and has a very good freemium deal. You can test the system for free and then upgrade it to ensure you get full benefits that will boost your web development business. Premium plans are affordable, so you won’t have to strain your budget to add this tool to your software arsenal.

Tunnelbear is a VPN created by experienced professionals who have been working for tech giants like Microsoft and RIM. The VPN solution they developed features one of the best encryption systems available in the industry and many other perks listed in the Tunnelbear VPN 2019 review. When using a premium plan, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth and speed. Therefore, this VPN won’t slow down your system in the slightest, which means it won’t affect your personal productivity in the slightest.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is one of the best VPN solutions due to its overall efficiency and ease of use. It has a huge network of over 2,000 servers and a high level of encryption. The company is also renowned for having a good customer support service. Although, you shouldn’t need to use it often as the solution is very simple and reliable.

However, you need to be aware that even with a premium plan, ExpressVPN will only support three connections simultaneously. Depending on your situation, this might not be enough to ensure efficient work. Consider your needs carefully to see if this service will suit them.

3. NordVPN

NordVPN is renowned for providing a high level of security. However, this comes at a price as this is one of the more expensive VPN services.

On the good side, it can maintain up to six simultaneous connections. The company also has about 5,000 servers, which makes it one of the biggest in the industry. Yet, its customer support service doesn’t provide a Live Chat feature.

4. Windscribe

If you aren’t planning to use your VPN full-time, Windscribe is a good option because it supports unlimited connections but only gives you 10GB per month. This is a simple and rather user-friendly solution with all basic capabilities you should need from a VPN.

However, it will only support average speeds, so be advised.

The Use of VPNs in Web Development: Final Thoughts

Despite the obvious benefits, few web developers are using VPNs today. In fact, only a small percentage of people use VPNs by default, especially in developed countries, as you can see from CompariTech’s infographic.

The most likely reason for this is that the majority of people do not understand how helpful VPNs can be beyond their ability to give you access to geo-locked content. Therefore, understanding and leveraging the advantages a VPN can offer can be a big step forward for your web development business.

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