Huawei Lawfully Alleged Samsung for Patent Infringement
Huawei Lawfully Alleged Samsung for Patent Infringement

The infringement of privacy takes place when replicating becomes rampant. Similarly, Huawei Technologies has lawfully alleged Samsung Electronics over violations of patents that covering smartphones and other respective technologies.

Samsung, without patents had made use of 4G cellular communications technology and software in its smartphones,reported the Chinese smartphone makeron May 25, Wednesday.

Ding Jianxing who is the president for Huawei’s intellectual property rights division, in an official statement has said, “We hope Samsung will respect Huawei’s R&D investment and patents, stop infringing our patents and get the necessary license from Huawei, and work together with Huawei to jointly drive the industry forward”.

While The Wall Street Journal maintains that Huawei is hardheadedly attempting the compensation for the South Korean company’s alleged infringement of 11 of its patents concerning smartphones and cellular networks.

The WSJ wrote,”The lawsuit covers Samsung’s use of cellular network protocol that Huawei says helps ensure uninterrupted phone service on 4G LTE networks”.

While it further elaborated that, “Huawei alleges that Samsung has used this technology on its flagship products, dating back to the Galaxy S II handset that it released five years ago.”

It is also noted on the WSJ that Huawei’s lawsuit is now considerably posed this the first biggest legal challenge against the world’s top smartphones maker.

At the same time, the legal battle between the two handset makers indicates that the tables have turned, Reuterssaid.

In addition to, Reuters said,”The lawsuit marks a reversal of roles in China where firms have often been on the receiving end of patent infringement disputes&in smartphones, makers have grown rapidly in recent years but different intellectual property laws outside of China have slowed overseas expansion.”

It was previously noticed that Xiaomi Inc. had faced a lawsuit by Ericsson over the same issue of patents infringement. Consequently, The Chinese technology Company lost the case and was banned from selling its devices in India.

At inquiry,the group did not detail on its next steps but commented that it would take appropriate action to defend Samsung’s business interests,Samsung told Reuters.

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