Important FAQs About Buying Bitcoin in Pakistan

Nowadays, the introductory talk in town is about investing in Bitcoin. Word has it that Cryptocurrency makes people rich; thus, if you find a great way to go around it, the better. However, you should also know that Bitcoin hasn’t been a smooth road walk over the last few years. Like other investment markets, it has experienced many ups and downs and intense value fluctuations. Investing in it is a risk that you should be willing to take.

Anyhow, are you interested in buying Bitcoin in Pakistan? You are probably not the only one who seeks to know how it works. Keep on reading to find answers to essential FAQs to help make your quest easier:

How Valuable is Bitcoin in Pakistan?

As one of the most commonly used cryptocurrencies globally, Bitcoin is the most valuable. Recent stock market trends in 2017 saw its price increase significantly 2017. Now, in Pakistan, the Bitcoin to PKR rate adds up to about 1, 446, 470.09 Pakistani Rupee.

Is Buying Bitcoin in Pakistan Legal?

It is good to know if Bitcoin is legal before buying any wallets to store your coins. The State Bank of Pakistan forbids all cryptocurrencies in Pakistan, including Bitcoin. The order was passed on April 2018 for all financial service institutions and banks to block all cryptocurrency cash inflows and outflows.

Yes, you are not allowed to invest in Bitcoin in Pakistan, but people indeed take risks. Even though there are no legal systems to facilitate exchange, cash is commonly used for transactions. Put, investing in Pakistan Bitcoin is possible, but you can get caught.

What’s the Simplest Approach to Buy Bitcoin?

Many people in Pakistan have made it possible for others to buy Bitcoin with less hassle. Currently, investors only use one efficient exchange to buy and sell their services. is a reliable, trusted, and commonly used platform across the country. Moreover, you have to create an account on the site before you begin to trade. Here is a short step-by-step guide on how to go about it:

a)      Visit the website page on your device and sign up.

b)      Depending on whether you are in for a large or small transaction, click ‘Buy’ and then Select “Bitcoin” as the crypto.

c)      Choose a suitable Bitcoin trader among the list of many sellers.

d)     Select ‘Buy’ and go through the terms and conditions provided by the particular seller.

e)      Put the number of Bitcoins you intend to buy.

f)       View details to facilitate local payment for you to pay in local currency to the seller. Be sure to send the money within the shortest time to avoid trading disputes with the seller.

g)      Finally, Bitcoins add to your digital wallet.

The Bottom Line

Trading in Pakistan is illegal but not impossible. Many people rely on local currencies to facilitate Bitcoin purchases online. As mentioned earlier, face-to-face and ‘pay with cash’ transactions are also doable. If you want to invest in Bitcoin in Pakistan, it is crucial to understand the critics before getting started.