Digital Marketing

The digital marketing world personifies a football club. Each entity of the game has an individual role to play. All the persons, techniques and strategies associated with digital marketing contribute differently. The entire team of the club has to work in a disciplined manner. The Digital marketers perform as competent players working for a common goal.

The industry insiders are not only working for the digital culture, but they are also putting forth their experiences for other marketers to get the benefit. Let’s talk about the views and sayings of the digital entrepreneurs. The industry insiders have put up an enormous impact on the SEO services  in the USA. Let’s see what Industry Insiders say about digital marketing.

  1. Michael Sharkey:

Michael Sharkey is the Co-founder and CEO of Autopilot. In a recent interview, he said that specific developments had exploded the marketing industry. There are billions of solutions to boost the marketing industry. He says that the digital market is revolutionized by selling cloud solutions online to the customers recently. In this way, the marketers can decide which application they can use to make purchasing decisions. It has become secured to store, manage and process data by now for digital marketing. The Global Public Cloud Service market has seen remarkable growth of about 35% in the year 2018. It means that it has now become a vital means of marketing.

  1. Becca Lindquist

She is the Head of new business “Heap.” She says that the substantial marketing clouds offer one suite with a bunch of options which might not be best for the online marketing business. There are many tools which are challenging these suites and can do much better than. According to her, the online business persons should market the services like the year they are in. She also said that marketers do not find customers for the products and services but find out the products and services for the customers mainly. She further added that 75% of consumers who are expecting a consistent experience in the digital industry.


  1. Tyson Quick:

Tyson Quick is the founder of CEO of “Instapage.” He says that digital marketing has made huge signs of progress. Now many companies can individually offer the entire marketing technology suite of tools to the customers. VentureHarbour shows that 76% of people think in the past couple of years, the trends of marketing have changed to a large extent. There are many companies including “Instapage” which have turned the marketing technology into a specialized ecosystem which are manufacturing unique tools for unique channels.

  1. Brent Summers:

He is the Director of Content Marketing at Segment. In a recent interview, many digital marketers sat together and shared their views about the digital marketing. He is of the opinion that today the condition of marketing technology is a mess in a way. The digital marketing has been facing a proliferation of tools in the past few years. He considered the content as the hero of digital marketing. He quoted research by Forrester and mentioned that the customer consumes 11.4 pieces of content before making any purchasing decision. He emphasized to produce quality content instead of depending on fragmented tools available.

  1. Harley Butler:

He is the head of digital marketing at Prezi. He says that the concept of big data is playing out. It helps in understanding the demands of the clients. The big data also helps determine the preferences and behavioral trends of the customers. Now the digital marketing is capable of synthesizing that data into actionable marketing techniques. He added that the revolutionary progressing in the digital market industry have started to pay out from an ROI’s perspective.

We can see many changes and alterations in the digital world of marketing. Now you can easily find the tools and tricks in abundance for digital marketing by just being up-to-date by the opinions and observations of leading industry insiders in the digital marketing.

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