Inkjet Printers

Inkjet is one of the widely used technologies for photo printing. While laser printers are becoming more feasible to consumers for home use, they are more expensive and only suitable when you’re looking to print large volumes of paper. When you need to print image-heavy loads such as albums, projects and family photos, an inkjet printer is the better option.

Low-Cost Inkjet Printing

Compared to laser types, inkjet printers have a relatively low startup cost, is easier to maintain, and has a lighter footprint. Printing via inkjet technology will largely depend on how you intend to use it and your budget. Factoring in the costs of a cartridge is a must.

Inkjet cartridges are cheaper than toner cartridges and they can be refilled easily, eliminating e-waste. Get original printer supplies at Internet-Ink so you can save more and print more. Their high quality ink cartridges work on all major brands, including Dell, HP, Epson, Brother and Canon.

High Resolution Print Outputs

If you want to print gorgeous photographs quickly without sacrificing clarity and quality, then the inkjet printer is for you. Newer models of the inkjet variety can perform as quickly as any other top-quality printers in the market. You won’t need to wait a long time for the machine to “warm up”. Smooth colors blend in much better as compared to printing via laser, resulting to professional-looking prints.

Inkjet Printers are Highly Versatile

Printing large photos to hang on a wall? Get a wide-format, single function inkjet printer. Inkjet printers can be used on a variety of paper, including textured, glossy photo and even fabric in some cases. For a good mix of document and photo printing, get a multi-function printer. MFPs, or Multifunction Inkjet Printers can fax, copy and scan, making them the Swiss Army Knife of printers and a reliable partner for home office use.