High speed internet

Comparing internet providers and their services side by side can prove to be overwhelming. There are a lot of factors in play, including cost, bandwidth, bundled services, and promotions. Here’s a quick reference for you on the things you should look for during your high speed internet service comparison shopping:

Speed. Mbps is short for megabits per second, which is what most internet service providers use when offering internet solutions. Download speed should be what you need to look at because most of the time you’ll be “downloading” content such as text, audio, video and more.

Location. The farther away your preferred ISP, the longer it will take for the data to reach you, and this can affect performance. Check with the provider and ask where their central offices are located. Generally, it’s better to get high speed internet service that’s closer than one with a CO that’s far away.

Data Cap. Check and see if there’s a cap on how much data you can access each month. Heavy users who constantly stream services such as Netflix, YouTube and the like, and those who download or play online games should veer away from data caps.

Introductory Deals. Are the rates being offered introductory? Do some follow up and obtain important information such as how much the regular rate will be and when will the introductory promo end? Take a look at the regular price and see if it’s greater than other ISPs who are offering the same speed at a lower price.

Total Cost. How much does it cost to start service? This factor includes installation fees, equipment fees and others. Some internet providers may require you to rent a router or a modem while others give it to you as part of joining them. Many ISPs increase their prices once you pass the 12-month mark. You can prevent this from happening by choosing a provider who offers a 2 year price guarantee.

Bundling. Shop around and see how much discount you can get if you were to get additional services from your provider. If possible, get one company for your satellite, cable and home phone service. You can move your existing services and get them as a bundle to enjoy more savings down the road.