Investing in High Bay LED Lights: Smart Move!!

How did we get to this point, when light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is gradually replacing traditional incandescent, fluorescent, and metal-halide fixtures in thousands of homes and businesses? You may already understand why products such as high bay LED lights are so popular. They are, after all, unmatched in efficiency and very reliable.

But “how” did LED bulbs become what they are today – the best way to provide quality illumination in residential, commercial, and industrial settings? You can start to understand this technology when you understand that LEDs, as a way of producing light, are now included in information from the Vintage Technology Association!

Not So New?

According to many sources, including Wired magazine, the original developers of the light-emitting diode or LED were confident this technology would replace the incandescent bulb, when it was presented to the General Electric decision-makers in the 1960s. The first diodes were red, a result of the production process using gallium arsenide phosphide. This certainly made them effective for emergency notification and warning situations.

During the 1970s, new production methods delivered LEDs of different colors, allowing the technology to be used to produce lighting for many other settings, such as residential lighting and as high bay LED lights in commercial and industrial locations. In the last three decades, this lighting method has become the technology of choice for bulb and fixture manufacturers, simply because classic incandescent bulbs lose 80% or 90% of electrical energy to heat.

When fixtures such as high bay LED lights are used, the fixture remains very cool to the touch because most of the energy you pay for is converting to light. There is no filament to heat up, as is the case with older bulbs. It is now possible to buy cheap light fixtures and deliver consistent lighting for home or business. But, those fixtures are anything but cheaply made.

Excellent Warranty

In the decades since research produced early LED lights, production methods have improved to the point that commercial lighting such as high bay LED lights are well-made and dependable. You can now work with a supplier of cheap light fixtures and have peace of mind knowing you’re investing in products with five-year warranties as standard.

The work of inventors such as Robert Baird, Gary Pittman, and Nick Holonyack, led to the manufacture of visible-light LEDs – the source of light for the high bay LED lights now being used in so many warehouses, gymnasiums, and storage facilities. Business owners choose these products because they are inexpensive in the long run.

They deliver up to 100,000 hours of reliable service at 80% and 90% efficiency. Not only will your business save on utility costs, you’ll spend much less on labor and maintenance, simply because you won’t need to change bulbs and fixtures so often.

Best of all, you can get this reliable LED lighting at a reasonable cost (cheap light fixtures), though these fixtures are anything but “cheap.” If you’re planning a new installation, or replacing older lighting technology, try high bay LED lights. Smart move.

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