Lots of iPhone 5 pictures have been leaked in the past few days, revealing almost every bit of information related to the iPhone 5 exterior outfit, as well as some clues that have helped build the big picture when it came to connectivity and ports. But what about its internals?

Thanks to a lucky leak, two iPhone 5 pictures capturing every internal part of the future iOS smartphone has been reveled. The internals are all aligned next to each other and from what can be distinguished, it looks like the iPhone 5 will integrate several small sensors, a protective glass cover and most components that are pretty standard for a device such as this. Except for one.

iphone 5 pictures internal parts

The sixth-generation Apple phone will come with a thin sheet of metal which will have the purpose of being a protective shield for the 4-inch screen’s back. This part will be assembled under the display itself and will act as a thin layer beneath the touch-panel, one that will protect important parts such as the processor and the GPU.

Another obvious purpose will be to stop the heat from spreading from one component to another, but details like this will surely be uncovered in the following month.

Besides the metal foil, the SIM tray can also be spotted in these iPhone 5 pictures, which shows just like NoWhereElse reported a couple of days ago. This tray is small enough to accommodate a Nano-SIM card and to offer more developing space, most probably used on a larger battery.

iphone 5 pictures parts

Speaking of the battery, this unit has not been captured between the internals of the iPhone 5, but sources claim that Apple is looking to accommodate LTE use by increasing the battery juice with 10 mAh.

As for the rest of components, last week a couple of iPhone 5 pictures revealing a fully assembled iPhone 5 have surfaced and if this proves to be indeed the final design, Apple may have opted for an unibody device “painted” in two tones.

Apple’s next smartphone is expected to be unveiled on September 12th, with a release date set for later that month. Moreover, the device may not arrive alone, with the next iPad model and a smaller version, the iPad Mini, being also expected.

Via: NoWhereElse

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  1. All of these photos, specs, speculations, mock-ups, etc… What the phone will PROBABLY look like… Okay, fine. I am thinking of Steve Jobs here. Not the iPhone or its components…Steve Jobs. It was his last project on Earth. A man of that caliber’s final wish. What would it be, do you think? Different? Or an elongated iPhone 4 with a thinner screen, some wifi updates and slightly longer battery life? All of these mock-ups are so unlike Steve Jobs. All this yammering about 10 pins, 9 pins, pin pins. Where is Steve in any of this? He’s not. He left the 4s up to others while he worked on the 5. Point is you’ve already seen the iPhone 5. It’s hidden in plain sight because Apple’s new theme is transparency. All that stuff in the photo, the battery, pins, etc… That is what WON’T be part of the iPhone 5. Think Different.

  2. Update…steve said to tell you that the screen in the photo…the one made by Sharp. That will be in and of the iPhone 5. Shhhhh…

  3. @Aaron Strebs:

    You need to understand it’s highly unlikely Steve Jobs was involved, in a meaningful way, in development of the iPhone 4S or 5.

    When a man is going through the devastating disease he had, most of your day are spent trying to survive the harsh medical treatments, cleaning up after your vomits, and trying to hide your tears because you know you won’t be at your daughter’s wedding, no father-daughter dance, and you won’t walk her down the aisle. You think of spending whatever time you have left – precious weeks – with your family and closes friends.

    I doubt Steve was doing much for new product development — maybe a few hours now and then to take his mind off of his eventual situation.

    I don’t expect the iPhone 5 (or any future product) to have his signature touches of style & simplicity. I do expect them to be good solid products, with the expected quality and cohesiveness we’ve come to expect from Apple.

    Apple is now without Steve Jobs, but they learned enough from him, that they will continue to be successful. Steve Jobs and Apple did change the world. They created unique products that no one else before could even dream about — and products that now they copy blatantly after realizing they created amazing integrated, simple, elegant, and sophisticated tool, to express our humanity.

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