iPhone XI’s Promised to the Masses

The Apple range of smartphones is one smartphone range that seems to be keeping up with technology. Every year they manage to release a bigger and better phone that their consumers love. They have always managed to keep with the latest and their client’s demands.

iPhone XI

The latest of Apple’s creations is the iPhone XI. The smartphone is set to be released in April 2019. The phone will have a bigger screen that is for sure. Enabling some of us to enjoy our aussie pokies online casino games on a wider display. However, they are a few problems that seem to be following the phone.

Will it have 5G?

Rumors have broken out that the new iPhone XI might not be able to have the 5G network range that it had promised the masses. This is, as they need to source a network adapter. Moreover, this adapter is from none other Samsung, his or her greatest competitor. Therefore will the phone have 5G, we have no idea. All we can do is to wait and see if the makers will be able to get the adapter that they need to make this possible.

The Future of the iPhone

Critics seem to have a lot to say about the iPhone range of smartphones. Other than chewing them up about the 5G network, they predict that the future of the iPhone is bleak. In this regard, a post was seen stating that Apple has run out of options. On top of so many app that you get on iPhone, did you know, you can also get mobile betting app and stand a chance to win big.

We all know that the iPhone broke the barrier in mobile technology back in 2007. Moreover, since then, they have managed to overcome everything that was thrown their way. They have also been the trendsetters.

The bar that they have set is high. Such that even competitors fall short from getting to where the iPhone. However, have they set the bar too high, even for themselves to break it?

We will have to wait until the release of the iPhone to see if the iPhone is bleak or people are just speculating. Moreover to also see if all the promises to the masses will be kept.

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