Is This The Best Alarm Clock Application Out There?

Most of us wouldn’t want to wake up to blaring noise and rooster sounds, but unfortunately most alarm clock apps do exactly that.

Except for Gentle Wakeup, arguably the best alarm clock app available today. The app’s developers promise that you wouldn’t have to wake up stressed out at the sound of an insistent alarm each and every morning ever again. To do this, they have created an app that works with light and sounds to induce a wakeful state.

Wake Up Gently And Relaxed

The gradual alarm and light combo gently brings you out of your dream state and into a wakeful one. Gentle Wakeup simulates the gradient colors of the sun, transitioning from deep red to orange and finally a bright yellow, just like a real sunrise.

Set the alarm 20 minutes before the time you’d like to wake up, then set the brightness you prefer. The app produces gradient sounds such as the twitter of birds and even has a slow vibrate function as a sort of backup when you don’t hit the snooze or off button after 5 minutes.

You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on a new day with Gentle Wakeup. As an extra function, the app has a weather forecast, replete with clothing symbols on what you can wear for the day.

Sleep Better At Night

Gentle Wakeup does more than just a basic alarm clock app.

You can set it to produce natural sounds and decreasing light to ease you into a restful sleep.

Moreover, you can add soothing backgrounds such as white noise, wind, rain or crickets to support light, deep or REM sleep. Place your mobile phone on its side and Gentle Wakeup transforms into a nightstand clock that displays the time in digital format while playing relaxing sleep sounds.

It even has a guided sleep meditation feature for those who would like to unwind after a particularly stressful day.

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