Job Search Tips for Young Professionals

When you’re ready to strike out on your own to find your first job, understanding the job market can be a bit overwhelming. If you’ve never held a professional position, you may now know what employers are looking for or what to expect when you interview. However, finding and securing a job doesn’t have to be difficult if you’ve done a bit of research beforehand. Here are some simple tips to follow when you conduct your job search.

Create a Resume

Your first step should be to create a resume. This should take some time-; your resume will be your potential employer’s first impression of you and you want to be sure you stand out against a sea of applicants. You should consider what skillsets are your strongest and highlight them in some detail. If you have extensive experience in web design and coding, for example, that may be valuable to a potential employer because that skill set can be uncommon to find in one job candidate. Whatever you are best at, be sure you showcase it; and don’t worry about coming off as a braggart, as your resume is your chance to highlight your strengths. Just be sure to keep it to one page so employers don’t have to sift through multiple pages to read your achievements.

Research Industries

Depending on your skill set, you may fit into multiple industries. Some positions may have a higher demand than others. For example, if you are a ux researcher you should have a good idea of the top industries hiring ux researchers before you start sending out resumes. You may even come across an industry you hadn’t considered but may be interested in during your search.

Practice Interviewing

Before you head into your first interview, you should practice your interviewing skills to be sure you’re prepared. You don’t want to sound like you don’t know what you’re talking about or come off as ineloquent to potential employers, so take some time to practice talking about your background and skills, where you see yourself in five years, and what you think you’d bring to whatever position you plan to interview for. You should also research the company you plan to interview with beforehand as well so you’re prepared if they ask you questions about how you see yourself bringing value to their company during the interview process.

Ask Questions

When you meet with your potential employer for the interview, they will always leave time at the end for you to ask questions. You should never end an interview without asking some questions about the company and what they think you could do right away to add value to their organization. Failure to ask any questions can make you come off as aloof or disinterested in the position, so be sure you jot down a few questions for your interviewers. A couple questions you should never ask during your first interview is how much money you’ll be making or what the benefits package looks like, as doing so can make you seem greedy.

Finding a great job shouldn’t be difficult in today’s market. If you follow these simple tips, your job search process should go smoothly.