Best Laptop Bags

Backpacks and laptop bags are staples in school and work environments. The uninitiated will have an impossible time picking out the best one out of thousands of choices in the market. The best product reviews will give you the direction and information you need to come away with a great buy.

These are the best laptop bags that keep your computer and other electronic devices safe while being stylish on their own.

Incase ICON Backpack

This tech-centric bag will have a special compartment for all your devices both big and small. There’s a tablet pocket, a padded sleeve and a number of other units for accessories. One of the best features of this bag is the inclusion of integrated cable ports located on the Power Pocket for a reliable charging station on the go.

Asus ROG Nomad

Got a huge gaming laptop you want to transport somewhere? The Nomad is the answer. There’s a designated compartment made specially to hold all 17-inchers, including Asus’ very own ROG line. There will be plenty of space left for your gaming mouse, controller, USB hubs and other things that complete a LAN party, even snacks!

Noreve Urban Backpack

If stylish is just as important as compartment space, then the Urban backpack from Noreve will not disappoint. The whole exterior covering of the bag is made of luxurious, full-grain leather material. The innards can hold a 15-incher with plenty of room for accessories and tablets.

Booq Cobra Squeeze

A turtle shell style pack that can hold iPads and Macbook firmly in place. The Booq can also be used to fit 15.4 inchers as well. The engineering makes it such that the weight is evenly distributed throughout your shoulders. The comfortable straps are curved and padded so you won’t feel fatigue. Moreover, the fabric used is water repellent, tough and durable.

The best bags will protect and secure your precious belongings wherever you go. The perfect laptop bag will be one that suits your particular purpose, whether you’re looking for a comfortable shoulder strap bag, a backpack for college or one that goes with you on the daily commute.