Plumbing Technology

As years pass and research progresses, so does plumbing technology. Many companies are looking for new ways to integrate their products into houses of the future by coming up with something innovative and beneficial to homeowners.

Creating plumbing products that are highly appealing and luxurious means that they could be built into thousands of homes and make companies a lot of money. No wonder it’s such a competitive market.

Here are some of the coolest inventions in the plumbing industry lately:

LED Temperature Monitors

How many times have you turned on the faucet and accidently scorched yourself with water that was way too hot?

This never needs to happen again with LED temperature monitors. They will show you the exact temperature of the water coming out of your faucet and display LED lights that change colour depending on the temperature.

If the water is hot it will go red and it will go blue when its cold. That way you can see the perfect bath temperature or just glance to know when the water is cold enough to drink, or hot enough to wash your dishes with.

Brain Pipes

You may be thinking what could brain pipes possibly be? Although weird sounding, they are very beneficial and also neat.

Once installed in a home, they will let you know if there is any sort of leak or breakage in the pipe system. It will show you exactly where the problem is so you can fix it yourself or quickly get a plumber in to fix it.

They also have systems that detect any blockage in the pipe and detect the water pressure.

This is beneficial to the environment since less water is wasted from leaks, and it reduces the need to use chemical cleaners to unclog your drain when it gets really bad.

This would be especially useful for businesses that rely on their pipe systems. Knowing exactly when a disaster might occur can allow them to quickly call a plumber and fix the issue.

ET Water

ET Water is a unique sprinkler system that can detect the weather in your area and know exactly when and how much rain is going to fall on top of your home.

With this information, ET Water is able to water your landscape just the right amount so that nothing gets overwatered.

You can get the perfect garden and grass with the help of this system, which is accessible through a phone app and uses 3G and 4G to update itself on the weather.

The biggest benefit of using this is that you never have to think about turning on your sprinkler again.

The whole process can be automated through an app, meaning you can focus on other important duties.

Hands-free Sinks

The invention of hands-free sinks has been a huge breakthrough for germaphobes and chefs alike.

No longer do you have to use your forearm to turn on the sink because you’ve been handling raw meat. Wil Boardman of Will B. Plumbing is a huge fan of installing these for his clients.

And if used in public bathrooms you don’t need to use a piece of paper towel to turn off the water because of all the people with dirty hands.

These sinks also conserve water very effectively, since they only turn on when your hands or an object are directly in front of the sensor.

With all of these plumbing inventions out there these days you have a lot of options to choose from.

Find something that works best for you and try it out!

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